Reports from the Bridge

Aug 2011

It was good to see so many BYC boats in Liberty Bay for their annual Poulsbo fireworks show. As we toured about in the dinghy, it seemed we would just finish visiting with one group of boats and we would happen upon more BYC friends. This camaraderie is what being a member of a yacht club is all about. Iíve mentioned this before but Iíll repeat, Iím finding the more time you share with others on the water the more you enjoy the experience yourself.

Speaking of enjoying experiences, the annual ďSalmon BakeĒ will be September 11 and J.D. Weiner and committee are looking forward to serving up another great meal. Please sign-up early once the sign-up sheet is posted to help with the planning for this event.

The 2011/2012 BYC Annual is still in the works and Leslie Hunt works very hard to get addresses and contact information correct. Please verify that the info in the current annual is correct and relay any new information or photos to Leslie.

August 19-21 will find the Grand 14 officers cruising to BYC. If your slip or boat house will be available that weekend for use by a visiting boat please let me or Rear Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan know, your help here would be greatly appreciated.

There should still be some summer left so I hope you find time to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Rob Bruins

Vice Commodore