Reports from the Bridge

Apr 2012

Well the calendar says its spring but it appears Mother Nature is still playing cruel jokes on us here in the “Great Northwest”. But it is time to get the boats all ship shape as cruising season will eventually arrive and there are definitely some fun events on the horizon. Of course spring brings us the “Daffodil” festivities at Tacoma Yacht Club and “Opening Day” fun hosted by Seattle Yacht Club. I think you’d find both events to be fun weekends. If you’ve never attended either event and want to know what they are all about or how to get involve, just contact one of us bridge officers and we will fill you in on all of the happenings.

I’d like to thank the Skipperettes for inviting the bridge officers to attend their “Skipper’s Night”. The ladies hosted a fun social hour and served up an excellent dinner. Also, my congratulations to the new class of “Skupperettes”.

Make sure to mark your calendar for the “Experience the Taste of Puerto Rican Cuisine” event that happens on Friday evening, April 27. Captain Al & Joanne Gonzalez will head up the galley crew that will prepare what promises to be tasty treats from Puerto Rico while event committee chairman Captain Rick Young will coordinate the evening.

The BYC elections are just around the corner and I again encourage you to get just a little more involved. BYC has amazing members that are capable of doing almost anything and I want to thank all of you that offer up a little of yourself for the betterment of all of us here. Here’s looking to a fun and productive spring.

Hope to see you around the Club,

Rob Bruins