Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2011

My captain and I have experienced our first Junior Officer’s Ball at Port Orchard Yacht Club last month and it was fabulous! We were forewarned that all these balls would be themed and there would be a need to budget for costumes. With Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville the chosen theme for our first ball, it was easy enough for us to pull out some tropical clothing right out of our closet. So for this event we didn’t expend much out of pocket. Only the second opportunity to meet with our counterparts, it was very pleasant indeed to feel such a connection to them already! We’ve got a great group of Trident’s for our Class of 2014! It’s true that friendships can and will start to form immediately. Later this month we’re off to Day Island Yacht Club for fun “Under the Big Top”. Again, I’m seeking articles of clothing that will transform the Captain and I into characters found at the Circus. Ever mindful of my personal perpetual summer season, Mike quickly dismissed the thought of me being a dancing bear to his ‘trainer’ persona. Would have been cute – just not very practical for me!

Beyond the responsibilities that come with this position, it was the opportunities to meet with the other clubs, forge friendships, and cruising opportunities. The coolest part is all the socializing we get to do! Yes, it’s a lot of work otherwise, but hey, life is short – so make it a party!

That said, already all of us new Rears are finding ourselves having to contemplate who would be a likely candidate to follow us next year. Hardly into my own first year as a Bridge Officer and I’m having to assess our membership for the next person who is willing to help our club move forward with positive and progressive growth. Don’t be surprised when I approach you in the coming months! We all have talents that can be useful to our club. Please give some thoughtful consideration at how you can share those talents to keep our club as one of the premiere yacht clubs in the Puget Sound. Our club has earned the distinction of being one of the very best and we all should work together at keeping our reputation in the forefront!

Especially to the women of the club, I ask that you take time for serious consideration at how you can make a positive impact to our fine organization in a leadership position. Never short of sage advice from long time members, you are the very ones who have all the wonderful ideas on how our club should function or grow. Most of you long-timers are already retired and many of you have served on various committees or Chaired them over the years. Why not consider stepping up in a leadership position? For those of you who have been around long enough to experience change with the club, perhaps you’d like to put your opinions and concerns in front and become the next Junior Officer! Something to think about, folks. Remember, that with the separation of the social and business sides, going through the Chairs is no longer an intimidating process.

On the horizon – This is about the time of year we’ll hear how many days until Christmas. So it’s not to soon to bring up the subject of the Special People’s Cruise and our Lighted Boat Parade, both coming up in December. New members, please be prepared to get a call from me! I’ll be asking you to give some time and energy towards getting these events planned and carried off. This is a great time to start working on earning those points you always hear about as well as meeting and getting to know other members of the club. When you’re in the loop you’ll learn much more about how the committees and point system works. Flyers for these upcoming events will be posted soon.

Please know that I’m always available to listen to your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. If you don’t see me around the club, please send me an email!

Best regards –

Mona-Lisa, Rear Commodore