Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2011

And so begins our season of celebrations! Many of us dread the count down for the holidays, but we all know that in order to have a good celebration, lots of planning and coordination must first take place. This is especially true for our club. Please take notice of the announcements for both the Special Peoples Cruise and Lighted Boat Parade. Both annual events require the enthusiasm and support of club members to make this yearís event successful as those in the past. Many members have been generous with their time and vessels by joining in on these events. Iím hopeful that many more of you will want to participate. If you are new to the club or perhaps been around a while and never joined in, please consider this year to be the time to join in! This is truly a membership wide effort and dependent on our members working together to bring our community the type of event that they have become accustomed to over these many years. The gift of your time to others has no monetary value. It doesnít have to take up space, be dusted, stored, or add unwanted calories. From your heart, itís the best thing you can give! Planning for the upcoming holiday events brings me to the first need of physical assistance. Transformation of our club into the pleasing holiday atmosphere requires more labor than I can ever do by myself! Members are needed to assist in retrieving our holiday trees and decorations from the storage space under the deck of the club. The more assistance you can provide, the quicker this task can be completed. Even quicker still if many of you join in! Once the club is trimmed out in holiday splendor, we can all relax and anticipate the celebrations that begin in December! We start of with the Family Christmas party young and old! Please bring your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or the child in your neighborhood who needs a little excitement for an evening! Weíll start the kids off with some crafts to occupy their hands while the galley is preparing for dinner! Adults, please be sure to bring that special something for Santa to distribute to your loved ones or friend. Remember that this Family Christmas event includes a pot luck styled dinner. Use the sign up sheet posted in the lounge to indicate what your contribution shall be. Iím hopeful that weíll have many delicious dishes to share with each other! Bring up the end of the planning for me in December will be the Lighted Boat Parade. Again, please consider participating your decorated boat in this years parade. There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the lounge. It would be a great pleasure for the landlubbers to view a spectacular parade to make braving the chilly weather worthwhile! Please, wonít you join in? Until the next meeting, wishing you inspiration to be giving thanks for your Blessings.

Mona-Lisa, Rear Commodore