Reports from the Bridge

May 2012

Wow! The first year is coming to pass. As you read this we are preparing for the next installation and I’m proud to say that with the help and guidance of my senior officers, I’ve survived my year as your Rear Commodore.

Yes, it’s been challenging at times with a full and part-time job and a family to tend to. Fortunately, I was mentally prepared to meet each challenge with the knowledge that there were members ready to support and assist me. Even with my Rear Commodude away in Japan these past four months, his steadfast support, assistance, and encouragement prior to his departure kept my excitement high. Our frequent telephone calls to each other while away kept my spirits and enthusiasm right where it needed to be.

Well, the Rear Commodude is back and our son is now a young adult ready to graduate high school. Everything is progressing as it should, and that means that since I’m unopposed in this years election, I will be stepping into the Vice Commodore chair.

My heartfelt gratitude to all those members, new and most especially the long timers, who have helped me along the way. Without your support it would have been impossible for me to be successful.

I could not have imagined that in my first year I would have eared the dubious honor of flying the Goat Flag. While I already have a premium parking space, I proudly fly that bright yellow flag on the rear end of my vehicle! Until such time that I can pass it on – and hopefully it will be before my Captain pull Blind Faith out of our slip for the summer boating adventures.

At this writing I am preparing to venture down to Tacoma Yacht Club with my Easter basket filled with treats to bribe the judges during the trivia contest. This year’s theme is Don’t Stop Believing. My immediate vision for being the club ‘token’ was me dressed as the tooth fairy. After hunting all the second hand stores and pulling together the fairy costume – complete with tutu, I tried the costume on. Fully dressed in costume, I went to stand in front of my full length mirror. To my horror the visual impact humbled me to realize that I should have planned for a 12/12 instead! Yikes! Time for “Plan B”.

Some of you know that my ‘visions’ are spontaneous but actually its bits and pieces of random information floating around my brain until something forms. Thank goodness our club has a fantastic Bunny costume! One generous size fits most – best if at least 5’7”, but hey, it worked! Grabbing items from my treasure trove of goodies, I managed to put together some themed bribes for the judges. (At this writing however, I can only hope that we get extra points for those because unless the BYC team proves their collective marine/nautical knowledge, we definitely won’t win based on my singular knowledge in this category!)

Can’t wait until our next meeting to share the experience with you. And speaking of meetings, I’d like to thank Justin Adrian and Hillary for providing the delicious chocolate chip cookies following the last meeting! Along with Babs Miller, and Sharon Lillybridge, you’ve all been wonderful to ‘stand in’ as the meeting Steward in Marilyn Venable’s absence due to a debilitating back issue. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she may recover soon.

Thanks also to Monica Phillips our Galley Steward; Jim Mills and his crew (especially Al Erlandsen) for the labor intensive job of Set Up for our meetings; Roy Holland as Reciprocity Chairman. You all did a marvelous job this past year!

Completing my first year as the first female Bridge Officer, I know there have been mixed emotions of just how this experience may play out. Perfection was not my goal – change was. My perspective on club issues is different in some ways and alike on other. My perspective was not to perform my duties exactly the men before me (and even they differed from one another!), but to do the best of my abilities as the first woman. I would hope that by example, I may motivate or inspire other women of our club to take a role of active leadership and responsibility as I have learned from the ladies before me. The late Betty Smith being the first female flag officer (Treasurer) and Marilee Ormiston (E-committee) were great inspiration to me to pursue the responsibility of going through the Chairs.

Thank you everyone who have made it possible. Most especially my Captain, my Hero, my Husband – Mike. You most of all!

Rear Commodore, Mona-Lisa Ryan
& Vice Commodore Elect