Reports from the Bridge

Mar 2012

While never having aspired to being a log racer in our Heavy Weather weekend event, I have enjoyed being a part of the festivities at some level each year. Even though weve consistently been told that log racing is a social event, I decided early on that my style of socialization would have to be modified to have much more focus and a lot less social vocalization. I just dont think I have it in me!

As a bridge officer I knew my duties would be plentiful and I worried that my interactions with club members and our visitors might be greatly minimized. Wrong!

It was wonderful to have my Chair members work tirelessly with the many others involved in the various evening/day events for this particular weekend. Those members who have been around know that it takes many hands to pull off an event such as this to make it successful. For those newer members who had a hand in helping, we thank you for your efforts.

Id like to recognize one of our newer members, Cool Steven Verrier who took responsibility for getting the HWX Sunday breakfast planned out and served up to so many. This was his first time at this type of venture and Im proud to say that he managed to get through it all and still smile at the end.

And of course, he could not have done this alone. Im grateful that Jan Cordodor was willing to be a mentor to Steven. Her experience and guidance in preparing (and shopping for) large meals, as well as the mixed blend of new and well seasoned crew in the galley made this a smooth process. At least this is what we members saw! When all we can see and enjoy is good food and camaraderie amongst our friends, you can be confident that the team behind the scene were well in tune with each other! Great job to both Steven and Jan and their crew!

Thank you to Jim Mills, Set Up Chair, and Monica Phillips, Galley Chair for being at the ready for all organizers of each event. Your communications with everyone was fabulous!

Every opportunity to thank folks who make our tasks (especially mine!) easier to manage, is another great opportunity to express my gratitude for your continued support.

Now, speaking of help . . . . I am seeking a stand-in for Steward. Im sad to report that Marilyn Venable is temporarily out of commission as our Steward. Due to the onset of debilitating back pain, Marilyn is unable to fulfil the tasks of providing our end of meeting treats until further notice. My own ongoing experience in this area tells me that it is unknown when she can move about freely. So, Im reaching out to anyone who would like to take a turn as a temporary Steward.

If you like to prepare goodies at some level, but not on a regular basis, perhaps you would like to consider helping out for a meeting or two. It can be homemade, store bought whatever you like. We members appreciate the treats following our meetings whatever they are! Please call or email me if you wouldnt mind taking a turn as the Stand-In Steward. Now would be another opportunity to thank Babs Miller for being the first to step up for Marilyn.

Whod like to be next?

My Thanks to you all!