Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2011

Since becoming a part of this great club through my husbandís membership, Iíve taken advantage of the numerous opportunities to serve the members on the social side. And it has been with great pleasure.

With the inception of Family Membership I was eager to become a member in my own right beside my Captain. It was inspiring for me to see our first woman flag officer, (then Treasurer) Betty Smith at each meeting so competently managing her responsibilities for the club. I knew then that I too, wanted to serve this club at a higher level. Once the business operations became separated from the social side of the club, for me it wasnít a question of if Iíd make such a serious commitment, but when.

I am thankful to all the members who voted in support of me. It is a great honor to become the first woman Bridge Officer in our clubís 82 years! Most of all, Iím grateful to my Captain, Mike Ė our first Rear Commodude! Only with his full support and commitment to make this journey along side me could this even be possible. Thank you, husband.

My first duty has been to seek members to fill Chairs under my realm of responsibilities. Iím pleased to announce Monica Phillips as the new Galley Chair. Like many of the younger members of this club, juggling work outside of her active family life was a factor to consider when deciding to accept this role. Newer member Jim Mills has accepted to take on the Set Up Chair. Having already been a part of this committee this past year, I know heíll have no problem. I encourage you younger and/or newer members to step up to offer your assistance by joining his committee. Having helpers reduces the back strain for any one person to move all those chairs and tables so I know he would appreciate hearing from you! Returning as Galley Steward is Marilyn Venable. She did a spectacular job this past year (with co-chair Babs Miller) and will be recruiting committee members as she needs.

Earning points can be a great motivator for some, but it lacks value for my final chairperson. Being an Honorary Lifetime Member, Roy Holland has graciously accepted the position of Reciprocity Chair. I recognize that even our social members have value that should not be overlooked.

The Picnic-in-the Park events have been scheduled for the third Wednesday of June, July, and August. Knowing that this would be my first opportunity to officially announce it, I have decided to host the June picnic along with my husband and helpers returning from warmer climates. Jackie and Roger Phillips will once again host a Pig Roast and Cynthia Mills will host the other picnic. Details will be coming out soon.

Many thanks to my Committee Chairs and you members for all your support!

Mona-Lisa Ryan
Rear Commodore