Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2011

Well, so far I seem to be off to a good start as Rear Commodore! If I were capable of embarrassing myself (it’s a matter of perspective after all!), I came very close to doing so at my first E-Committee meeting as a Bridge Officer. Knowing full well that I didn’t have a vote in matters presented to the E-Committee, I actually verbalized my vote – out loud! I appreciated the discreet reminder that while I may voice my opinions and thoughts on any matter, the actual voting on an issue must stay silently in my cranium. How odd that feels for me! While I have attended a number of the E-Committee meetings in the past, it’s definitely different being a part of the meeting.

Our first of three park picnics was held June 15th and was well attended. The signup sheet indicated 53 in number. Based on past experiences for our club events, Chair Captain Mike Ryan was prepared for a few members to ‘just show up’. It was good planning and raiding of the freezer that allowed the Committee to feed 76 members and their guests!

With exception to the Rear Commodude charring a few burgers to the consistency of hockey pucks, the meal was wonderful! The salads and desserts contributed by members were delicious and plentiful. Having done this event pot-luck style enabled this picnic event to be accomplished at a very low cost. Kudos to the Committee Members: Bob and Cheryl VanGeystel, Bill Bagley, Ric Thomas, and Laurie VonRuden who were crucial in helping Mike make this a successful event!

The next Picnic-In-The- Park is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20th. Members Cindy Mills and her husband Jim will have Brats with all the fixin’s. Please be sure to sign up in a timely manner so that appropriate planning may be accomplished. If you can’t get down to the club to sign up, please contact the Mills to RSVP.

The final Picnic will be hosted by Captains Rich and Leslie Hunt in August. Make note that the date has been moved from the traditional 3rd Wednesday to the 4th Wednesday of the month! Please mark your calendars for August 24. The change was made to accommodate entertainment to be provided by Captain Cal Ormiston and his group.

Looking further out on the horizon I want to make a quick plug for the Labor Day weekend cruise to Oro Bay. I have the (honor?) responsibility of preparing our entry for the annual Anderson Island parade. This year’s theme is “Fishin’ Fun”. And fun it will be! To hear my ideas of our club’s entry you’ll have to attend the August picnic! As added incentive for member participation in the parade, I will have awards for best . . . . . Gotta come to the picnic to find out!

I am so very excited to finally be at this point with the club! For the past three years I’ve waited (im)patiently to serve our club as a Bridge Officer. The best benefit is having my Captain take Blind Faith back out onto the waterways. Our first cruise for the season to Quartermaster was a reminder to us just how pleasurable boating is.

Looking forward to seeing you around and about !

Mona-Lisa Ryan, Rear Commodore