Reports from the Bridge

Feb 2012

Last month I met with my Rear counterparts up at the Queen City Yacht Club outstation in Eagle Harbor. This Officerís Cruise In was for the roasting of the Grand 14 Commodores. It was truly a fun evening! The DVD production put together by member Kevin McStay honoring (or rather roasting!) our Commodore was hysterical! Iím hopeful that it will be shown to the membership soon.

Opportunities were plentiful to continue getting acquainted with my fellow Rears. At the beginning of my term I worried about making an instant connection with everyone. I mean, itís not like Iím a wall flower, but the budding friendships that I anticipated didnít immediately bloom. However, Iím glad to say after this last gathering, I now have a full bouquet in my Grand 14 friendship garden! Like flowers, some personalities take more time to blossom fully. Itís a wonderful thing!

I can hardly believe that my first year as a Bridge Officer is coming to an end! Time has passed so quickly that everything is a blurred memory. While I look forward to the few months left as your Rear Commodore, Iím also anxious to have another member step forth to joining the Bridge for the next election.

Each year since my Captain was obligated in 2005, Iíve watched the nomination committee tirelessly seek out candidates for the Bridge and Executive Committee positions. Iíve listened to a number of excuses why someone couldnít even consider such a task. Mostly, the reasoning was that of being Ďway to busyí! HuLOW folks! I think I fit that description quite well myself.

Our club is dependent on the commitment of all members to continue operating at an optimal level. With the support of our membership, any member with the desire to step up in a leadership role cannot fail! We all have to make time to keep our club functioning by putting in our time. After all, as a working manís (and womanís) club, this is how we keep our club running smoothly.

Without a doubt, I would not have been successful thus far without the unfailing support from our membership. There are those who have consistently been a part of each function Iíve been responsible for. It is only with these committed members providing their time, talents, and labor that our functions have proved to be so enjoyable for the rest of you.

Iím very proud (and ever grateful!) that our new member ďCoolĒ Steve Verrier accepted the challenge of being Chair for the Heavy Weather Sunday Breakfast thatís coming up this month. Jan Cordodor graciously agreed to be his galley mentor. Her experience in shopping, preparing, and serving a meal to a large crowd will give Cool Steve a great confidence boost that he too, can pull this off with ease. If you havenít signed up to join in at the breakfast, please donít wait till the last minute!

Big thanks to our Steward Marilyn Venable for offering healthful treats at the last meeting. The homemade dips with vegetables and crackers were delightful! However, Iím sure I read somewhere that dark chocolate is heart healthy, too!

Your Rear Commodore, Mona-Lisa