Reports from the Bridge

Aug 2011

First, I need to say that Iím really feeling the love with all the ďwarm fuzziesĒ I continue to get via email and snail mail from some of our long distant members as well as from members I encounter around the club. Iím getting so much of the same questions from the curious. So Iíll take this opportunity to say, ďYes, Iím still busy but now the focus is centered on the club activities.Ē Itís irrelevant that our Bridge Officer(s) is man or woman. Itís the attitude that matters, and I want to assure members that mine is set to be the best that I can be for the membership. I value the opportunity to hear your opinions and share mine as well, for the good of our club. Now on to the fun stuff!

The weather keeps us guessing if the days will be summer- or winter-like, so we just need to decide to make the best of what each day brings us! That being said, weíve got one more Picnic In The Park on the schedule and itíll be a great time no matter what the weather is! Our picnic shelter has proven to be a wonderful asset during inclement weather, so donít let the unknown prevent you from signing up to attend this last one. Having enjoyed a few spontaneous gatherings under the shelter since itís completion, I can tell you that itís nice to have that fireplace to warm us up while we converse with a cold drink in our hands and the rain misting.

At the time of this writing the July picnic had not yet come to pass. IĎm confident that Cindy Mills and her committee provided those in attendance with a tasty meal, delicious deserrt and, some entertainment! The compliments I will have heard after press time will only confirm to me that Cindy did our membership proud! Thanks, Cindy!

Our final Picnic is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th, this time hosted by Rich and Leslie Hunt. They have arranged to have Cal Ormiston entertain us with his acoustical talents. How cool is that? Please donít wait till the last minute to decide to join in on this event! Your hosts will appreciate your kind consideration of signing up so that appropriate planning can be made in regards to menu quanities.

If you are considering being down at our Oro Bay Outstation during Labor Day Weekend (09/02-05), remember that weíll be particpating in the annual parade. Iím excited to share with those interested, my idea for the ďFishiní FunĒ theme. I will have on hand some of the prizes I will be awarding for best . . . . . . (Well, I canít very well tell you now! Youíll have to come to the picnic to find out!) So what are you waiting for? Get your name on the sign up sheet!

Looking forward to seeing you then . . . . Iíll be cruisiní with my Captain on Blind Faith!

Mona-Lisa, Rear Commodore