Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2011

Finally we are back into our normal first and third Monday meeting schedule. It seemed like a short summer, but, it sure ended up nice the first half of September. Please attend the regular meetings. There are lots of social events coming up between now and the end of February, so, if you need committee people, chair people, or want to earn points, please let it be known at the meetings. There are lots of new members looking for points, but, are having trouble getting started. Some points to remember for making BYC the "premiere yacht club of the Puget Sound" and they are easy: do your part plus a little, get along with your club members, follow the rules and if you make a mess, please clean it up. If you notice something that needs fixing, notify the Executive Committee member responsible for the area of need, or, put a note in the work party box. With 16 hours required this year, the Work Party Chairman will be looking for lots of things to have the members do. That is, if PC Don Floyd doesn't fix it first. Smile Don. Captain Trina Carlson did a great job for the Labor Day Oro Bay cruise. Thanks also to Jim Bixler for everything he does for BYC at our outstation. Thanks also to everyone to went on the cruise. I'm sure all who attended helped with something that weekend. Thanks again. That's all for now. Keep the Christmas Dinner on your schedule as it will be here before you know it.

Leo and Stacy Longenecker