Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2011

Here we are, already approaching the holiday season. There are lots and lots of things going on, so, now, more than ever, it is important to come to the meetings on the first and third Mondays. In October, 4 regulation and bylaw changes were presented to be voted on in November. The float committee has never had so many boat house slips up for bid. The Christmas season is coming soon with all those activities. Heavy Weather is just around the corner. Most importantly, Christmas Dinner is December 11th. Please follow the Towline, meetings and sign up on the board.

I would like to thank Trina Carlson, my Fleet Captain for another successful Halloween cruise to the Port Orchard Marina. Not very well attended, but those who went had a grand time. The next BYC cruise is scheduled for March, more to follow. I am looking for a volunteer to assist the web and the general membership. I need someone to take the updated Annual and update the membership spread sheet on the WEB site. There are lots of changes and we all appreciate up to date info. So if you are interested in a few points, please contact me.

That it for now, Stacy and I will see you around the club and at the events.

Leo and Stacy Longenecker