Reports from the Bridge

May 2012

As they, whom have gone before me say, three years goes by in the blink of an eye. They were sure right! I can't believe this is my last Towline article, forever. Stacy and I have had the most enjoyable time two people can have. Our experience with the Grand 14 and our counterparts will be a life time of friendships and fun. To everyone who has supported us over the past three years THANK YOU! There just are too many to list here, but, I do want to take this opportunity to thank my flag officers and others. Commodore elect Rob Bruins and VC elect Mona Lisa Ryan, the two of you provided excellent support of the bridge and representing The Bremerton Yacht Club with the Grand 14 over the past year. PC Mike Henry for taking on Regatta for Power one more year. I know this is a big job, and you fulfilled the position excellently. Ron Johnson, thank you also, for fulfilling the Regatta for Sail one more year. You did all you could to encourage the sailing contingent in our club to compete and you made it happen. Trina Carlson, as Fleet Captain, you entertained us with splendid cruises this past year. Particularly the Brownsville murder mystery, will be one to remember for a long time. Paula Lewis, besides being a great Secretary, you were my Fleet Surgeon. Your support and sometimes entertainment on cruises also will be a long time to top that. Anita Albright, I am so glad you have accepted another year as Treasurer. You are the best Treasurer we've ever had! Denise Rosendale, you had a rough year with so many bar crossings. Who would have thought you would dread the phone call - "Chaplain Rosendale, this is Commodore Longenecker" calls. Thank you for everything you have done this year. PC Darin and Nancy Haustveit, we couldn't have had a better store chair and fill in storekeeper this past year. BYC is indebted to you both, for all you have done, to improve the club store, and club in general, for the past six months. Connie Ormistion my membership chair. I know I said the position isn't that busy. Two or three new members? I truly am sorry you were so busy with the twenty or so new members this year. For the future, when BYC needs more new members, you would be the magnet to be the membership chair again. Thanks to Sylvia Wilson for all your help and support. Thank you very much to all my other standing committee chair: Devon Reeves my Publicity chair, Cindi Bannon my Awards chair, Warren DeCamp my Towline Editor, Jerry Wein my Web Master, John Rosendale my Parliamentarian, Gerri Bachman my RBAW chair, and last but certainly not least VC elect Mona Lisa Ryan my Special People chair.

I also want to thank my wife, Stacy. Without her desire to experience going through the chairs, we would have never met 24 of our now, lifelong friends, our Grand 14 counterparts. Back three years ago, her name was supposed to go on the docket for Rear Commodore, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, but, she has participated in the club and Grand 14 as much or more than I have. She will never forget the great experience of going through the chairs.

By the time this is published Daffodil and probably Opening Day will be over. Commodore Elect Bruins will report on our success at Opening Day at a later date. I do want to thank Warren and Carroll Lee DeCamp for providing the float boat. A Cheese Burger in Paradise will surely win first place. Thanks to PC Don Hardgrove, the artist, and Al Martin the engineer for constructing, and all the members that helped build, probably the coolest float BYC and Opening Day has ever seen.

When I was installed as Commodore, I said we'd have a new deck in the next year. It should be completed soon. I said we would have a good marina replacement plan, it will be presented this next year. Captain Bob Lewis is working on an excellent plan to be presented soon. Over this past year there were too many Bylaw and regulation changes presented. All were good inputs, and were necessary, except one in my opinion. Changing the meeting time to start at 1900 7:00 pm to accommodate commuters. I have seen only one "commuter" come regularly to meetings. I have heard numerous members who won't come to meetings now because the meetings get over too late. I did my best to keep the meetings to an hour, but, that was last year. I highly suggest changing the meeting time back to 1830 6:30pm in the best interest of the club membership.

Again, thank you all for all your support over the past three years and I hope to see you at installation as Stacy and I sail into the sun set.

Leo and Stacy Longenecker
Past Commodore Elect