Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2012

I didn't think I'd be writing another article but I felt compelled to:

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a couple of things about my term as Commodore of the Bremerton Yacht Club. First, there are three things that happened this past year that I am very proud of. First, removing the previous "manager" from his position at the club. The results of the audit performed by Captain Maralee Ormistion showed areas of vulnerability that were unacceptable. I expected him to prevent the possibility of exposure and he didn't. I personally took the club through an embezzlement situation in the mid 90's and I am very sensitive to those issues to this day. I am extremely happy with the job Nancy Haustveit has been doing and I wish we could keep her in the store forever. Second, hiring a cleaning service for the club. Unfortunately, having a member as employee can cause hard feelings, I believe the handling of the change over went well and, I may be mistaken, but, I don't believe there were hard feelings in the change, at least, I hope not. Third, the deck. Years of planning and permitting finally came to completion the day before my Commodore Ball. I owe Don Floyd a huge thanks for pushing the membership, as few as there were, to help, to get the project done. Another big thanks to Troy Landis for all his hard work. Jerry Sengstock for selecting this type of no maintenance deck and his work and leadership. The deck will last forever! Mark Danielson for pushing the permitting process. I also owe a huge heap of gratitude for all those who put what probably seemed like endless hours, into working on the deck. You all can be very proud of what you have done for your club.

Stacy I also want to publically thank PC John and Denise Rosendale and Jytte Wheeler and their committees for a fantastic Commodore Ball. The decoration were wonderful, the food was exceptional and all my counter parts from the Grand 14 raved about the great time they had. Again, thank you so much.

Thanks again,
XC Leo Longenecker