Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2011

I would like to kick off the new year of the bridge by saying how much Stacy and I appreciate the support we have received from the membership. I would like to thank Alice Nelson for chairing the Awards night dinner. It was the best southern pulled pork I have ever had. I would also like to thank Maralee Ormiston for chairing the Installation Night. Again, wonderful job. Thanks also, to all those who were on those two committees.

It has been a wonderful journey these past two years, and how is has gone by fast. We look forward to this next year with excitement and anticipation. It is nice only having to arrange for the social side of the club and leave the business to the Executive Committee, but, as Commodore, I am still responsible for the squadron. Which means, I am responsible. I will oversee the club, chair the regular business meetings and oversee the Executive Committee meetings. John Carlson is the chairman of the EC and I will work directly with him to insure the business of the club is properly dealt with. When the management of the club changed 3 years ago, I envisioned the Executive Committee will deal directly with all of the business of the club and the Commodore the overseer. The management has met that expectation. Sometimes one or the other drifts a little, but, in general, the management has worked well over the past 3 years. I attribute this partially to something PC Rosendale and I started 3 years ago. Monthly bridge and EC chair dinners. We rotate through the 6 couples, and this has proven invaluable to promote camaraderie and well being of the bridge and EC. I look forward to another year of these and will certainly miss them in a year.

One goal of the Bremerton Yacht Club is the enjoyment of boating. I intend to promote enjoyment this next year. We are here for a good time and not to get wrapped around the prop in the "un-pleasantries". Please participate in club activities, come to meetings, log race and just have a good time this next year.

So for now, fair winds and following seas,
Commodore Leo and Stacy Longenecker