Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2011

Hopefully everyone is having an enjoyable summer. The Big Brother Cruise at Queen City Yacht Club Outstation in Eagle Harbor promises to be a grand time. Please attend this as it is an opportunity for you the BYC members to visit another club's outstation. As you all know, clubs do not have reciprocal privileges at other clubs outstations, so, unless you have gone through the chairs or are an avid log racer, this would be your only opportunity to visit their outstation. It is a VERY nice facility right in the middle of downtown Winslow.

We will be hosting our annual Grand 14 Officers Cruise-in the weekend of August 20th. There will be LOTS of visiting yachts, motor homes and lots of people around that weekend. Please be prepared and plan ahead.

Stacy and my goal this upcoming year is to have a good time.

The club has lots of business going on and the Executive Committee, you elected, is doing a good job managing all the business of the club.

That being said, Stacy and I, along with the Vice and Rear Commodores are charged with your social entertainment. If you have any suggestions on ways we can improve our fun, please let us know.

I remain optimistic this upcoming year, we will attract more new members than we have obligated in the past couple of years. We really would like to see more young folks joining as they are our future.

Please talk your boating friends into joining. BYC has a great facility for all age groups. Nothing is better than walking down the dock, get on your boat, turn the key and go for a ride, rather than worrying about if the tide is high at the boat ramp. Besides, there is plenty of moorage for that size boats at our club.

Enjoy your summer, as short as it may be and we'll see you out on the water.

Leo and Stacy Longenecker
Commodore BYC