Reports from the Bridge

Aug 2011

Stacy and I hope you all have been having as nice of a summer as we have. When you read this, we will be cruising the great San Juan Islands, looking forward to seeing our friends out and about. One thing nice about the "world wide web" you can read the Towline from anywhere there is an internet connection. Jerry Wein and his committee has been working very hard on upgrading our WEB site recently and there will be many new valuable features applied soon. His committee is looking for input, suggestions and comments, so, if you have any, please contact him or David R Miller.

We have had a couple of very productive Executive Committee Meetings so far this term under the leadership of John Carlson. It is amazing how much business we conduct in a little over two hours. Last meeting I obligated 3 new memberships, with two more in the process. We are looking good for my goal of 10 new memberships this year. On the other side, we have lost 4 members this past few months, unfortunately, there will be quite the "crossing of the bar" at the September meeting.

The new paved south end of our parking lot sure turned out nice.

A big thank you to Warren Decamp, Ed Heuss, Cliff Lillybridge and all the others that helped out. Hopefully before the end of the summer, we can get the other half coated and restriped to match. Good job guys!

The next club cruise is the Labor Day weekend cruise to our Outstation at Oro Bay. My Fleet Captain Trina Carlson has a great time planned, so, please sign up and make this a cruise to remember.

That's all for now,

Commodore Leo and Stacy Longenecker