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21 Feb 2011

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Leo Longenecker
Vice Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

With another successful Heavy Weather weekend is behind us, I am looking forward to a busy spring. First I have some people to thank.

First Lynetta Halffman for another fantastic Crab Feed. Also, a big thanks to Andy and Nancy Kupp and my wife Stacy for putting on the Heavy Weather Friday night Wine Tasting party. All of Heavy Weather was enjoyable, even the log race that interrupted the partying.

On the subject of log racing, I would like to thank PC Mike Henry for being Regatta for Power Chairman for this year. The three club races had a better participation than longer than I can remember and the post race dinners were wonderful. I feel strongly due to your log racing leadership our power program is on the rebound and I look forward to next year with great enthusiasm.

Upcoming on April 18th will be the BYC election of officers. PC Mike Dunn and his committee are looking for likely candidates for office. If you are interested or approached by the committee to run for office, PLEASE do so. Our club is an all volunteer club which relies on YOU to do your part. You have inexpensive moorage for your boat strictly because of the volunteers who have dedicated their time for your pleasure and enjoyment. Please step up and support your club.

Looking ahead, May 13th is Awards Night and May 20 is Installation of Officers. There will be food and refreshments at these events and as of now, I am planning on not charging for the first 100 members to attend. Keep an eye out for further information on these and other upcoming events.

Fair winds and following seas,

VC Leo and Stacy Longenecker

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
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