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21 May 2010

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Leo Longenecker
Vice Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

I would like to thank the membership for their continued support
and electing me to the position of Vice Commodore.  Stacy and I look
forward to this next year with all the social events coming our way.
May was a really quick month.  Stacy and I went to Denver to see my
son's graduation from the University of Colorado.  What a wonderful
experience for us.  Mothers Day breakfast was chaired by Al Erlandsen.
It was very nice and there was a great turn out.  Including committee
there was over 100 people.  GOOD JOB AL!  

Looking ahead, August 13 to 15 is the Grand 14 Officers Cruise
in.  There will be all the bridge officers from the Grand 14 clubs
visiting BYC for our annual cruise in.  Please plan on lots of boats
attending and if you are moored near the guest docks, you will be
blocked in if you don't request prior arrangements.  
The picnic shelter is reserved for some events this summer.
Please don't assume it is first come first available for use.  Check
with the E committee first year or one of the bridge officers for
availability.  Speaking of the picnic shelter, the utilities are in and
the remaining cement work is completed.  I am very pleased with the
outcome and all those who helped.  Hopefully the work party can get the
remaining work completed in the shelter in time for Memorial Day 
weekend and summer picnics.  

All for now, have a joyous summer, great safe cruising and most
of all, Stacy and I will see you around the club this summer.

VC Leo Longenecker

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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