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12 Dec 2010

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Leo Longenecker
Vice Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

The holidays are now behind us allowing me a time to reflect on the wonderful Christmas traditions we have here at the Bremerton Yacht Club. The Christmas party, Special Peoples cruise, lighted boat parades and Christmas dinner are the highlight of the Christmas season. Each of these events this year seem to be better and better as time goes on. I have several thoughts and suggestions to make next year as good or hopefully better. The New Years party started out as a gala event with a good band. On December 14, there were only 9 couples signed up. 18 people. This gala didn't pencil out to be a good time nor, worth the effort for such a small turn out. Anita Albright had been working on this since the summer and put a significant effort into the planning of a good time. The band was cancelled and the party was rearranged to be a free event with a potluck. At the Towline press time, the party hasn't happened yet, but I will have a full report month.

Looking ahead, January 14th is the annual Taco Feed chaired by Jan Cordordor. Please see the flyer in this months Towline. February 5th is the annual Crab Feed chaired by Lynetta Halffman, again, see the flyer in this months Towline. Looking way out, Heavy Weather weekend is on the horizon. I'm sure there will be plenty of information in other articles and flyers. Friday night will be another one of Andy and Nancy Kupps famous Wine Tasting and Italian night. More information on that to follow.

PC Mike Dunn has volunteered to be the Nomination Committee Chairman. It's not too early to look forward to elections and next year. There are several members who have demonstrated a great passion for the club over the past six months and will be persuaded to run for Executive Committee positions. There are 3 E committee positions, Secretary and Rear Commodore positions open. Along these same lines, I will be looking to fill the seventeen positions that fall under the Commodore with good dedicated BYC members.

Hopefully everyone had a good and safe time during the holidays.

Hopefully the weather behaves itself for the remainder of this winter and we can get back to the nice warm weather soon. Don't forget the Big Seattle Boat Show in February.

VC Leo and Stacy Longenecker

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
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