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13 July 2010

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Leo Longenecker
Vice Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

By the time you read this, summer will probably be over.  We had our two days 
of summer around the 8th and 9th of July.  Hopefully Iím mistaken.  The Grand 
14 Summer officers cruise-in is August 13, 14 and 15 this summer.  If you have 
moorage near the guest docks or work float, you will be blocked in by the visiting 
boats.  Contact the Float Chairman for assistance.   

Upcoming social events under my position are:

September 12, the best Salmon Dinner you will ever have.  Fresh caught salmon, 
all the side dishes you can eat.  See the flyer and where JD got the salmon.

October 1st, the 10th annual Oktoberfest.  Again this year, Jytte and Bob Wheeler 
are going all out for this special event.  This is one of the most participated 
social the BYC puts on and gets better every year.

October 9th,  The Bremerton Yacht Club Junior Officers Ball.  This is when the 
Rear and Vice Commodores from the Grand 14 clubs come to our club for a party.   
Connie Ormiston is planning quite the extravaganza.   Donít let the name ďBallĒ 
scare you away.  The theme for this year is Woodstock.   This is another BYC social 
event that everyone is encouraged to attend.   So, dig out your tie die cloths and 
your hippie costumes for this rousing event.

October 30th,  Again this year Lisa Ryan will be chairing another Halloween party.  
Those who attended last year had a great time.  Donít feel like you have to dress 
up, heck some of us wear costumes every day.  Of course there will be contests for 
the best costume, so go all out or come as you are, except your birthday suit, and 
have a great time.

More to follow for November and December.  Donít forget to mark on your calendar 
for the New Years Eve Party.  Chairing this year is Rob and Anita Albright.

Vice Commodore Leo Longenecker

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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