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16 Aug 2010

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

WOW, what a month.  We had the “Pig Roast in the Park” followed by Grand 
14 Officer’s Cruise-In.

Roger and Jackie Phillips chaired the “Pig Roast in the Park” that will 
go down as one of the all time BYC events.  The committee served 153 members 
and guests in the park.  The centerpiece of the meal revolved around the Jim 
Chiles supervised slow roasted pig garnished with homemade side dishes prepared 
in the BYC galley by the committee.  Arlene Gorski again worked her magic to 
gather a bounty of raffle gifts with the proceeds going to the picnic shelter 
fund which has been used to purchase sun shades for the west side of the shelter.  
The Skipperettes stepped up big time by cleaning and decorating the restrooms, 
providing flowers for the tables and supplying the shelter with utensils and 
cleaning supplies, “Thank You” ladies, I know if I try to name names I would 
miss more than I got right so again thank you.  The evening’s festivities 
continued with a dedication of the shelter to the members of BYC by Commodore 
Rosendale.  The words “Thank You” to all that worked this committee can’t be 
said enough as they have again set the bar up a notch when it comes to hosting 
an event.

As I write this entry the August 18th Picnic-in-the-Park is still about a week 
away.  I’m sure that Mike and Lisa Ryan and crew will have hosted another great 
event and I’ll report on its success next month.

The Grand 14 Officer’s Cruise-In took place the August 13-15 weekend to some of 
the nicest weather we had seen all summer and that was just the start of it.  As 
Bev and I met our R/C counterparts on Friday we were blown away by how immediately 
everyone worked together on every project.  It didn’t matter if we were choosing 
a mascot, deciding on our group colors, writing our group song, choosing our 
leaders or washing the dishes.  It was all hands contributing.  It was great to 
meet the Commodores and Vice Commodores as they arrived on Saturday and enjoy 
their camaraderie through the weekend.  I’d like to thank Commodore John and 
Denise Rosendale and Vice Commodore Leo and Stacy Longenecker for their guidance 
and support getting Bev and I through the weekend.  I’d also like to thank all 
of the BYC members that offered up their slips for our visitors, they couldn’t 
believe we found slips for all those boats (Obviously many haven’t been here 
for Heavy Weather).  Most every R/C stated they were apprehensive about their 
new roles but were told they would enjoy what was in store for them.  To a 
person, each said the weekend exceeded all expectations three fold and we all 
so looking forward to our next meetings and the next three years.  By-the-way, 
the Class of 2013 chose our mascot to be “Porpoise”, and our colors are steel 
blue and gold and our slogan is “Everyone serves a porpoise.”  

Thanks again for all the help around the Club and words of encouragement.  
I’m still looking to fill the position of Steward.

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore 

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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