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15 Oct 2010

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

BYC again proved it knows how to throw a party. The Junior Officerís Ball turned out to be another of those events that everyone had a great time from the moment they walked in the room. First the decorations and individual attires set the tone followed by the fabulous meal prepared in the BYC galley and continued with the continuous up-beat music presented by DJ Bob. The committee assembled by Connie and Cal Ormiston did a great job with every aspect of the evening and canít be thanked enough for how every detail was handled. The weekendís events actually started with the bridge officerís social Friday evening that was graciously hosted by John and Katrina Carlson. Stacy, Katrina and Bev combined talents to serve up heavy hors dí Oeuvres that were delicious. BYC continued to put its best foot forward with an excellent breakfast provided to the visiting bridge officers by the committee chaired by Marilyn Venable. Again our visitors went away wondering how they could possibly hope to match BYCís event. Iíd like to thank all the members that attended the event and again thank those that gave of their time to help put this event on.

Speaking of parties and get togethers, P/C Bob and Jytte Wheeler and committee hosted their 10th ďOktoberfestĒ. While this isnít an event that comes under my responsibility this year, Iím very pleased that Jytte and P/C Bob have agreed to host it again next year.

Mark your calendar for the Sunday Breakfast on November 7. P/C Don and Donna Park will be hosting this first breakfast of the year and we looking forward to seeing everyone there. Please sign-up early.

Bev and I have been busy as our BYC JO Ball was the third we have attended already this fall. It is interesting to learn about the other clubs. In some ways our clubs are very similar and then there are other things that are very different about the various clubs. Hopefully by being exposed to these different ways of doing things we will be better equipped to make informed decisions on future BYC issues.

Iíd like to thank the committee chairs; P/C Park (Set-up), Mona-Lisa Ryan (Galley), Hank Willis (Recip) and Babs Miller & Marilyn Venable (Stewards) for keeping things running smoothly.

It canít be said too many times how much I appreciate the continued support and feed back from the BYC membership. Letís all continue to make new members feel welcome and assist them in getting involved with whatever aspect of the club they feel comfortable in.

Rob Bruins

Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
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