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19 Apr 2011

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

It is some what hard to believe that our Rear Commodore year is coming to an end already. Bev and I are so appreciative of the support and assistance we have received from our BYC family this past year. This coming year will of course bring new responsibilities to each of your bridge and Executive Committee officers and I encourage you to volunteer to be part of one or more of the many committees that we all rely on to keep BYC operating. We have multiple nominees for several of the elected positions so I hope everyone turns out for the May 2nd election meeting to cast your votes.

It was with much regret that the scheduled April Sunday breakfast was cancelled due to the limited number of sign-ups, and now due to scheduling conflicts, (which has led to difficulties finding a chairperson) the May, Motherís Day, breakfast has also been cancelled. I know that these Sunday morning breakfasts have always been well received as great casual social affairs and Iím hoping we can find some renewed enthusiasm to revive them in the future.

Iím finally getting it! After having been a BYC member for over 25 years, I always felt I was enjoying the BYC events as well as the other large boating events we attended around the Sound. But it has hit me as to just how much more Iím enjoying all of these events since we have become bridge officers and gotten to know so many more people. Cases in point, I felt so much more involved socially at the recent Skipperette ďSkipperís NightĒ, (great event by the way, thank you Skipperettes) and at Daffodil we could hardly walk twenty feet without stopping to visit with new acquaintances. BYC has such a storied reputation in the Puget Sound boating community and Bev and I proudly represent BYC and thank you for that opportunity.

See you around the club,

Rob Bruins

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
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