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21 Feb 2011

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Heavy Weather is behind us, and I for one am hoping that ground hog in Pennsylvania was right and we have an early and hopefully dryer spring ahead of us. Of course Heavy Weather is an ďall handsĒ event but I want to thank all of you that helped to make it happen this year, especially those that helped set-up chair Bob Lewis with the continuously changing table and chair configurations and our stewards, Babs Miller and Marilyn Venable, for keeping everyone well fed. Thanks also to the Don Evans led committee that put together the Awards Breakfast and the Skipperettes for helping to make everyone feel at home. It is also neat to see the renewed interest in log racing at BYC as PC Mike Henry continues to expound on the virtues of log racing, now as both social and shopping events.

Back in January, Jan Cordodor and Mona Lisa Ryan co-hosted the breakfast that for the first time utilized an e-mail reminder notification. As a result of the notification the sign-up almost doubled just days before the event. We also heard that some of those that had signed up may have missed the event if they hadnít received the reminder. Look for more Club notifications and reminders to come via e-mail as we did indeed get positive responses. Not to be lost in all this is that more members and guest got to share the great breakfast served by Jan, Mona Lisa and committee.

With the coming of spring our boating activities will be picking up again and there will be lots to do with cruises, races, Daffodil and Opening Day all out there to enjoy. March will also bring the last Junior Officerís Ball of the year for Bev and me as we head for Olympia. We have been having so much fun we will be looking forward to the seven J.O. Balls we will get to attend next year.

Donít forget that nominations for Club positions start at the first meeting in April. Think about the skills you have that could help BYC or talk to someone that you would like to see in a position. The nominating committee is only part of the process and over the years nominations from the membership have place some excellent people in elected offices. Give it some thought, most of us donít volunteer unless pushed, but getting involved greatly enhances the overall club experience. I speak from experience.

See you around the club,

Rob Bruins

Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
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