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16 Dec 2010

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

The holidays are upon us. Bev and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we look forward to having the immediate and extended family altogether this time of year.

There is plenty going on here at BYC in December. It all starts with the clubhouse decorating on Wednesday, December 1st. Two days later on Friday, December 3rd, will find us all gathered for our annual Family Christmas Party. Remember the “Special People’s Cruise” has been moved to Saturday, December 4th. The “Lighted Boat Parade” will take place on Friday, December 10th, and Saturday, December 11th. The Manette Bridge construction shouldn’t hinder us from presenting our annual parade that so many in the community plan their holiday events around. The Christmas dinner follows on Sunday, December 12th. Look for flyers with specific details both here in the Towline and around the Club. Try to sign up early when sign-ups are required.

Thanks go out to PC Don and Donna Park and their committee for putting on the very tasty November breakfast. It was a great way to get the day started as they served around 60 members and guests. Our stewards, Babs Miller and Marilyn Venables, have continued to serve up delicious snacks following the general meeting that I think are as anticipated as the growing “fish bowl”. If you’re looking for a way to get involved, PC Park could use some help on the set-up committee, give him a call. We have some breakfasts on the calendar in the new year waiting for someone to take charge of, give me a call.

As we’ve all heard from those going through the chairs before us, Bev and I are truly enjoying our new found friends associated with the Grand 14. Half of this year’s Junior Officer Balls are behind us and we are definitely looking forward to those in the last half of our Rear Commodore year. It is interesting to continue to learn how the other clubs function and to hear how highly BYC is thought of from the Past Commodores of the other clubs.

Bev and I wish all of our BYC family a joyous holiday season. We look forward to new opportunities to get Club members involved in the upcoming New Year.

Rob Bruins

Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
BYC WebTeam