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12 Aug 2010

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John Rosendale

Photo of Commodore

It’s been a fine summer on the water and I bet there will be many great stories 
to share this fall as we enter into another season of social events and boating 
camaraderie.  God willing, we’ll be enjoying an Indian Sumer and the best of our 
boating is yet to come.

As I write this Denise, Maddie and I are sitting on the Mystic Isle enjoying our 
outstation at Oro Bay with upcoming plans for the Grand Fourteen Officer’s Cruise-in 
and a week in the San Juan Islands.  Life doesn’t get any better…

This last week saw the removal of several more diseased or dead trees at our 
Outstation.  It looks a little barren around the fire pit right now but great 
ideas for landscaping improvements already flourish in conversation.  It’s 
amazing how something lost can give rise to so much creative thought and the 
potential for something new.  I have to guess that John Carlson, who oversees 
our outstation, may be looking for a new plan and project manager.

We have a couple of other changes going on…  Darin Haustveit has agreed to be 
my new Awards Chairman, Gerri Bachman has agreed to stay on as Historian, and 
I am looking for a new Membership Chair.  The membership chair is one of the most 
important positions in the club!  I am actively recruiting to fill this position 
and if you are interested, please give me a call.

I am also looking for a chairman to oversee a “special” committee for the purposes 
of establishing a single list of all members and their club status (currently we 
have multiple lists that don’t always agree), as well as an e-mail distribution list 
that can be used for the future e-mailing of the Towline.  This will not be the 
exclusive means of Towline distribution but will go a long way in helping to cut 
Towline costs and in providing you with a quicker receipt of our monthly newsletter.

Lastly, we have our first meeting after our summer break on Monday, September 20th.  
PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND, especially new members!  The government of our club is by 
the majority vote of the members present at our regular business meetings.  Please 
show up and be counted!

Denise and I wish you our boating best!

John Rosendale

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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