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21 Mar 2011

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John Rosendale

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Heavy Weather was a huge success this year! The best we’ve had for some time.

We’ve held to our tradition of being the yacht club with the largest predicted log race in the world; entertained more visiting boats than we’ve seen in years; staged five skits from visiting clubs , presented the Blues Brothers, the Dockettes, a special appearance by Joe Cocker, and a band to dance the night away!

None of this could have happened without the support of our members! My special thanks to the VC Longenecker and RC Bruins. Then there is the host of the Heavy Weather Race itself, our Regatta Chair for Power, PC Mike Henry. The following major contributors must also be included in our list of hero’s: Andy and Nancy Kupp for the Friday night wine tasting party; Michael and Babs Miller for the Saturday night dinner; and Don and Molly Evans for the Sunday morning Breakfast.

The list goes on with a special thanks to Nancy Haustveit and all the Dockettes for their weeks of preparation and to-die-for performances. And how can I mention performances with mentioning the Blues Brothers themselves, Kevin McStay and Darin Haustveit.

Then there is all the behind-the-scenes work from the other major players like the Regatta Chair for Sail Ron Johnson, Float Committee superstar Jim Minard, Fire Marshal JD Weiner, Sound System guru Gary Williams, House and Grounds E-Committee Chair PC Don Floyd, and the Log Babes Denise Rosendale, Maralee Ormiston, and this year’s newbee Stacy Longenecker. The list goes on and on... From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all that helped!

This coming Sunday, March 6th at 9 AM will see another “Breakfast with the Bridge.” This event went very well last fall with lots of constructive input coming from the membership that turned into workable solutions. This is a very casual and informal opportunity to share what’s on your mind with the bridge. We do care!

March 21st we will be having a special dinner meeting. This will start at 6 PM followed by the meeting at 6:30 which will be recessed until 7 PM. Al Gonzalez will be making a special appearance to serve his infamous Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner! Seattle Yacht Club will also be attending to introduce this year’s Opening Day theme.

On the subject of dinner meetings, I am going to initiate our first annual PC Dinner Meeting to honor the PCs of the Bremerton Yacht Club. Deana Brett has agreed to chair this event which promises to be a lot of fun. The date of the dinner meeting will be April 18th. Please mark your calendar.

One last thing, I must mention the importance of our upcoming Election of Officers. There is no greater way to serve your club than to step into a leadership position. It is an honor to serve this club, but it’s also an important and serious responsibility. Before you sign up, please know that there are expectations that go along with the job. Each and every elected official should be quite familiar with out By-Laws and Float Regulations; they should be willing to commit the time to attend all the meetings, and they should take interest in becoming familiar with the position they are seeking before the election.

Safe Boating to All,

Commodore John and First Mate Denise Rosendale

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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