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16 June 2010

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John Rosendale

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Installation is over and I extend a big "thank you" to all those members who reached
out to me with their congratulations and offers of support.  I remembered every
handshake and every good wish.  This meant a lot to me!

My responsibilities this coming year will include the oversight of various club
activities and social events.  It is my intention to promote as much fun, camaraderie,
and boating pleasure as I possibly can.

I will work to facilitate open and positive communications between BYC members and our
Bridge, and between the Bridge and our Executive Committee.  Our efforts must be
coordinated as we work towards greater synergies. 

I will promote a clearer understanding of who does what in the club and where people
fit in the hierarchy of our organization.  I intend to use the By-Laws and Float
Regulations as a foundation for any interpretation of responsibility, and at the end
of the day, as the Commodore and Commander of the Squadron, with a duty to oversee all
elective offices, I will assume full responsibility for all club functionality.

I will attempt to balance the requirement for accountability on the part of our
leadership and chairmen with appreciation for the fact that we have an all volunteer
organization; and that any help we receive from a member is something for which we need
to be thankful!

I will attempt to manage by example and by deed, and to encourage participation at all
levels of club activity.  But having said this, I am fully aware that our club has a
life of its own and that any individual member, regardless of their status, can do
little more than to simply influence its course.  We are a club of members and we move
and grow as a club of members.  No one individual can either cause this club to succeed
or to fail; and to that end, we must all put value in our collective membership and in
the future of such membership.

Please, engage our new members and help them feel welcome.  Reach out to them and try
to remember when you were a new member, seeking the camaraderie of fellow boaters, and
not knowing exactly how or where to find your place.  Help them to find their place.

I believe that BYC has historically held a leadership position amongst other yacht clubs
in the Pacific Northwest.  We own all our own facilities including a railway, fuel dock,
and outstation.  We sponsor the largest predicted log race in the world!  We are an
example of how a great club operates and functions.  It is important for us to maintain
this position; not so much as a simple point of pride, but as a matter of being the best
we can be!  It's not enough to simply follow the lead set by others, or to be just "good
enough"; we need to be "exemplary" in our planning and performance.  I intend to do my
part and to promote this kind of thinking.

Please see the insert in this month’s Towline as to the various members who will be
responsible for our club facilities and events this coming year.  I can’t tell you how
fortunate we are to be supported by so many.  I would like to personally thank those
chairs and flag officers who accepted their positions when asked.  Most of these people
didn’t “sign-up” because they wanted to, but because they felt a call to duty.  I find
this inspiring.  I find it motivating.  We should all drink a little more from that
Cool-Aid!  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  The whole club thanks you!

There are still a few open positions.  If you feel compelled, please call the Executive
Committee chairman or Bridge officer responsible to offer up your services.  It will be
deeply appreciated!

There is apparently some concern over the assignment of new parking spaces to our three
Executive Committee chairs.  Unfortunately, much of the criticism has been directed at
people who are serving in support roles and not at me, the one who made the decision to
take this action after informing the Executive Committee and the Past Commodores Club.

It is a small consideration for the three elected officials who volunteer three years
of their time to do as much to manage the business side of our club as the bridge does
to manage a social side.  There is nothing in the By- Laws or Float Regulations that
would have prevented me from taking this action, nor would have required a vote of the
membership.  I believe I've represented the club's best interest in not only conveying
a message of appreciation to our hard working Executive Committee chairs, but to future
chairs that need to know these are positions of respect and honor.  BTW, I do happen to
have an extra spot over by the dumpster if anyone is interested...

This year we are going to experience some transitions and changes to our Web site.  We
have been blessed for many years with Günter Krumme as an active Web Master.  Günter
has since retired from the position and we are fortunate to have Jerry Wein and his
present staff of one, Jim Pooler, to take the helm.  They are very capable!  Jerry and
Jim are hard at work building a new website “look and feel” and the processes we will
use for keeping our website updated.  Please be patient with their progress as we work
through this transition.  It shouldn’t take long and will be well worth the wait!

In closing, I encourage all of us to live by these three simple rules:
• Do Your Share plus a little
• Be Friendly
• Have Fun!

Denise and I wish you an awesome summer on the water!!!

John Rosendale

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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