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12 Nov 2010

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John Rosendale

Photo of Commodore

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! For most, this is a favorite time of year. Aside from special times with family, we at the BYC also enjoy the Special People's Cruise chaired this year by Captain Mona Lisa Ryan; the Lighted Boat Parade led by our Fleet Captain Maralee Ormiston; the Christmas Dinner chaired by Denise and yours truly with support from our Flag Officers and E-Committee members; our Family Tree Trimming Party hosted by Rear Commodore Rob Bruins, and to finish it off, a New Year's Eve party chaired by Treasurer Anita Albright.

And then... Happy 2011 and some serious fun as we start planning for our upcoming Heavy Weather event! This will be an "all hands on deck" activity to support the Bremerton Yacht Club’s "largest predicted log race in the world". Please be prepared to do your part when asked for support, or better yet, feel free to let any of the bridge officers know what you would like to do up front.

Wishing you peace and joy over the holidays,

Commodore John and Denise Rosendale

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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