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Reports from the Bridge

16 July 2010

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John Rosendale

Photo of Commodore

The “Picnic Shelter” was dedicated this last month to Captain Jerry Sengstock, 
Rear Commodore Rob Bruin, and Captain Dave Hagen, as well as P.C. Don Hargrove, 
Captain Steve Brett, Captain Mike Thomas, Captain Don Sherwood, Captain Mike 
Harrington, Captain Vic Potter, P.C. Bob Wheeler, P.C. Leo Longenecker, Captain 
Gary Clauson, P.C. Mike Dunn, P.C. Don Park, P.C. Ron Morse and the many other 
members who during the period of 2006 through 2010 played active roles in the 
construction of this building and its surrounding area.  This finished product 
represents a beautiful example of Northwest architecture, raw materials, and 
talented labor.  It was completed under a very modest budget.  Many thanks are 
due to those who made their generous contributions of vision, time, materials, 
and hard work.  The club is indeed grateful!

There will be a change in policy as regards reservations for upcoming social 
events.  We will no longer be accepting sign-ups via e-mail.  From this point 
forward please be sure you personally sign-up for an event using the sign-up 
sheet posted in the lobby.  You may wish to call in and ask that this is done 
for you, but it will ultimately be your responsibility to be sure your name 
shows up.  And please remember, “A reservation made is a reservation paid.”

We have a new and beautiful “New Member” board in the foyer that will display 
the pictures of our most recent new members.  Please familiarize yourself with 
their names and faces and reach out to them whenever possible.  These people 
are the future of the Bremerton Yacht Club!

Speaking of new members we will also be employing a new policy of having 
“sponsors” responsible for the completion and submission of new member 
applications to the membership chair.  We hope this will ensure a greater 
degree of responsibility on the part of the sponsors in setting the right 
expectations for membership and in the orientation of new members.  We look 
for members who wish to become involved.  We look to their sponsors to help 
them make that happen.

Denise and I wish you our boating best!

John Rosendale

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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