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16 September 2009

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John Rosendale
Vice Commodore

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Thank you Gary and Jo Carr, and committee, for a wonderful Salmon Bake September 13th!  
The food was delicious and the portions were ample.  The price was just right.
This was our first major event around the club after one of the best summer's I can ever 
remember.  Events of this size don't just happen by themselves.  They take months of 
planning and cooperation among a long list of volunteers and committee members.  Please 
take the time to thank those that made this event such a success: JD Weiner, Don 
Sherwood, Ray and Arlene Gorski, Mike and Cora Harrington, Don and Flo Floyd, Mike and 
Mona Lisa Ryan, Jan Cordodor, Bob and Marva McWaid, and Marty Morken.

Right behind the Salmon Bake was our first ever Margarita Madness Friday night social.  
Mucho Gracias to Lynetta and Brett Halffman for chairing this event!  It was as 
expected, a delightful evening with lots of food, beverages of your choice, and many 
well-made margaritas.  Most everyone dressed in Caribbean fashion and enjoyed music, the 
likes of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet.  This HUGE success can be credited to the team of 
Lynetta and Brett and their committee: Mark and Roxanne Miller (great decorations), new 
members Mike and Fran Stitcher, Brian and Kathy Shawley, and Charlie and Sharon 

By the time you get this Towline, "Octoberfest" will be upon us.  This event scheduled 
for October 2nd is chaired by Jytte and Bob Wheeler, and as always will be a treat with 
The Happy Wanderers Accordion Band entertaining and a menu of Bratwurst, Big and Juicy 
Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, Hot German Potato Salad, Black Forrest Cake, and Beer and Wine.

Please be sure to SIGN UP for the upcoming Halloween costume party October 31st!  Mona 
Lisa and Mike Ryan will be chairing this event and we all know what a great party they 
can throw.  This event will have LIVE MUSIC performed by Classic Ride, a band including 
two of our own members, Kevin McStay and Cal Ormiston.  It's been a while since we've 
had a Halloween party around the clubhouse so don't miss out on this revival.  It 
promises to be a lot of fun!

This year the bridge is doing its best to provide our membership with lots of social 
opportunities.  An adequate level of participation will in great part determine the 
success of our agenda.  If we get good turnouts, or even enough to cover a low overhead, 
the events will likely continue.  If participation is too low though, we will have to 
revisit our schedule to consider adjustments.  In the end, we are here to serve you.

We will do our best to keep pricing and costs to a minimum.  In most cases all we aim to 
do is break even.  We see making money on these events as no more important than 
avoiding losses.  Breaking even is our target!  So… if prices seem to be creeping up, 
please keep it in perspective.  After all, when was the last time you went anywhere for 
the cost of what you are paying to attend a Bremerton Yacht Club event?  We absolutely 
have the very best deal going and will work diligently to keep it that way!

The new BYC annual is out (or if it's not at the time of this publication it will be 
imminently).  Our many, many thanks to Leslie Hunt who has taken on this enormous task 
and who produced an annual that we can all be extremely proud of!  This year we have 
gone back to the spiral binding because we believe it looks better, is easier to handle, 
and is easier to keep for years to come (no more having to discard last year's annual to 
make room in the three binder for the coming year).  The distribution process will be to 
have each household pick up their annual from the club store.  There were a few extra 
annuals ordered for those that would like a second one.  The cost for these extra 
annuals will be $15 per.

As a bridge officer and member of the Bremerton Yacht Club I am interested in assuring 
that new members become involved in our boating and social activities.  After all, this 
is a club, not a marina.  Sponsors, please provide your new recruits with an orientation 
of the club and introductions to existing members.  Reach out by inviting them to a 
social event or a cruise-in.  There is an expectation that these new members will make a 
contribution to the welfare of our club, but this won't likely happen if they haven't 
received our welcome.  Let's remember the words from the BYC new member obligation, "you 
were appraised as one whom we would welcome into out home as a permanent friend and 
member of our Yacht Club Family."

Safe Boating,

John Rosendale
Vice Commodore


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Posted: 16 Sept 2009 (gk)
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