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15 May 2009

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    John Rosendale
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    Many thanks to my committee chairs this last year!
    Maralee Ormiston, Bev Bruin, and Mona Lisa Ryan, you were the most 
    FABULOUS stewards I can ever remember.  Strawberry shortcake, ice 
    cream, cake, pie, homemade goodies, etc… You have set a new benchmark 
    that must now be maintained by all future stewards to come :
    Jim Minard and Al Earlandsan, thank you for your tireless efforts to 
    make sure every general meeting was set-up with tables and chairs as 
    well as the e-committee meetings, your efforts to support Heavy 
    Weather, and all the other impromptu events that required your support.  
    Gary Williams, while you didn't report to me, I'd like to personally 
    recognize you for your contributions to the set up committee as our 
    audio technician.  Your presence at every membership meeting was quite 
    appreciated in keeping the audio systems functioning and volumes 
    controls in balance.
    Jo Carr, you did a wonderful job as the galley chair ensuring that we 
    had the inventory necessary to support the galley and all our social 
    events.  We thank you for your organization to detail and your 
    willingness to take on this difficult job.
    Hank Willis, thank you for your efforts as reciprocity chair and for 
    maintaining our relationships with other Puget Sound yachting clubs to 
    ensure we maintain reciprocal rights while we're cruising away from 
    home.  It is much appreciated.
    And then there are all the chairs that supported me in supporting our 
    vice commodore while he was away in Japan. Leo and Stacy Longenecker, 
    Mona Lisa and Mike Ryan, Bev and Rob Bruin, Deana Brett, Lynetta and 
    Brett Halffman, Geri Bachman, Sylvia Wilson, and many, many others.  
    You folks have not only supported me personally but have demonstrated 
    support for the whole club.  I am indebted to you.
    Thank you all for making my first year as your rear commodore a great 
    year!  I look forward to serving you again as your vice commodore.  The 
    year 2009-2010 is looking great with lots of planned social activities 
    and plenty of opportunity to have a bunch of boating fun together.
    John Rosendale
    Vice Commodore

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Posted: 15 May 2009 (gk)
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