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17 January 2009

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    Don Park
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Hello all again from the Land of the rising sun “Japan.” Yes, I am back again; seems the Shipyard had other plans for me. I think it was the job, the food and roof over my head that my wife and I have grown accustomed to, sort of played into the decision. Anyway, this time is for 2 months or 27 of February.

    I would like to thank Rich and Leslie Hunt and the committee for putting on a fantastic New Year's Party. Also, I want to thank all the members who joined us for this event.

    The next big event is the crab feed, and I hope that you have marked your calendar and bought your tickets. The date is February 7th; please check the web site for all times and any changes.

    March 8th will be another great time to come down to the club and have breakfast. I am currently looking for a Chair for this breakfast, so if you are looking for some points please contact me at

    Also in the near future is the Daffodil Parade April 18th and 19th again held at the Tacoma Yacht Club. If you would like to be involved with this event please contact me on my e-mail or leave a note in my box at the Club. I am also looking for a boat to decorate to the theme "Swing into Spring.”

    Please check the web site regularly to keep abreast of all the events that happen at your club.

    Points to Ponder: Stephen Perry patented the rubber band in 1845; he came up with the invention 4 years after Charles Good Year introduced rubber to the world.

    Pigs have about 15,000 taste buds, about 5,000 more than humans. They also have a great sense of smell and, because of it, they are used for sniffing out truffles in many European countries.

    You should not confuse your career with your life.

    Some minds are like concrete….. all mixed up and permanently set.

    Thanks for reading

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Posted: 17 January 2009 (gk)
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