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18 November 2009

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John Rosendale
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

You don't want to miss the BYC New Year's party this year!
Rich and Leslie Hunt, and committee have a schedule of food, events, 
and entertainment like no other.  Check out the flyer and get signed up 
ASAP.  This promises to be one of BYC's finest events for the year.

New Members night will be/was held this Friday, November 20th.  It was 
once again a great success due to the efforts of Andy and Nancy Kupp, 
and committee. If you were a sponsor this past year and reached out to 
ensure your nominee could attend, thank you!  It's not only the job of 
our sponsors to ensure our new members have been prepared to make a 
viable contribution to the well being of the club, but that they are 
introduced to the quality of our camaraderie and social agenda.  Our 
new members are our future!  I would like to once again welcome them 
and encourage them to contact their sponsors, or any bridge officer, 
with any questions or concerns.

At the Regular Business Meeting of Nov 16th, I announced that the vice 
commodore will appoint the chair for the nominating committee for the 
following year.  This is a change from our past where the commodore 
would normally make this appointment.  This change came about after 
collaboration with the commodore and observing that many of the Grand 
Fourteen clubs have the vice commodore make the appointment given they 
will be working with, and supported by these newly elected officers in 
the following year, their commodore year.

Having said that, I also announced that P/C Charlie Billings had 
accepted my request to be the nominating chair for the year 2009-2010.  
I couldn't be happier!  I realize it's only November, but this year we 
want to get started early on our recruitment.  We would like to make 
sure all candidates are fully informed of their roles and 
responsibilities and that they have an ample period of time to consider 
the weight of the positions for which they may be interested.

Being an elected officer of the Bremerton Yacht Club should not be 
taken lightly.  It is a prestigious position that comes with both 
respect and responsibility.  Our hope is that we can find the right 
people for the right jobs, and continue building on our proud tradition 
as a leading yacht club in the Puget Sound area.

Denise and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  We look forward 
to seeing you at the Special People's Cruise and at the Christmas 
dinner.  We will be leaving for a little rest and recreation in Palm 
Springs over the holidays but will be back for the first Regular 
Business Meeting on Jan 4th.

Safe Boating,

John Rosendale
Vice Commodore


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Posted: 18 November 2009 (gk)
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