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13 July 2009

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    John Rosendale
    Vice Commodore

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    I hope you are having a great summer and that you're finding time to spend on the water and around the club.

    We have the number one club in Puget Sound for facilities and for a functioning membership. We often hear this from other club members and bridge officers on their visits to the BYC.

    One such visit will be coming up on August 8 and 9 when all the bridge officers from the Grand Fourteen yacht clubs meet at Bremerton for their August Cruise-In. It's an honor for Bremerton to host this event and exemplifies the leadership role we play.

    Denise and I continue to shop for a boat (everything we like seems to look like a Grand Banks) and for that new job that will allow me to make sense out of buying one. I keep my faith and Denise provides an unbelievable amount of on-going support.

    We are so thankful for the work and efforts of Rob Bruin, Dave Hagen, and Jerry Sengstock on the new picnic shelter. It's hard to believe that PC Don Hardgrove's dream has become such a beautiful reality. The picnic shelter looks AWESOME and I'm certain will remain standing long after our clubhouse is gone. By the quality of its construction, it will probably last longer than anything else ever built in Bremerton!

    It's time to get signed up for the September Salmon Bake! With the price of salmon in constant flux we need to know well in advance how many people plan to attend. Once we take the sign-up list down, the salmon will be bought and the party will be closed. So please, don't miss out and sign up now! Prices are likely to be higher this year but still a bargain. PC Carr is the committee chair and promises to make this a successful event.

    The weekend after the Salmon Bake we are going to have a Friday night social, "Margarita Madness" hosted by Brett and Lynetta Halffman. This is a new event for the club and promises to be a lot of fun. I'm thinking a tropical theme, Jimmy Buffet style, but who know what Brett and Lynetta have in store for us…

    Lastly, as a note of housekeeping, please park your cars in the designated parking areas only. On a number of occasions people have been parking outside the lines and creating an obstacle to others. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    Safe Boating,

    John Rosendale
    Vice Commodore

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Posted: 13 July 2009 (gk)
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