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15 May 2009

    Leo Longenecker
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Commodore

    Stacy and I are both very excited to have been elected to the position of Rear Commodore of the Bremerton Yacht Club. It is something that's never been done before and may never happen again, but, going through again 11 years later is going to be an interesting experience for me and a new experience for Stacy. I'm sure I can provide the leadership and enthusiasm to the club and the Grand 14 that the next three years will allow. My 20 years as a member, bridge officer, executive committee member and chairman and 3 years as Treasurer will give me the experience and traditions to carry the club forward over the next three years. Stacy is very excited to experience the Grand 14 and more of the social side of our club. The business part has over shadowed the fun for us, so, now it's time to have fun.

    Speaking of fun, the first picnic in the park is coming up June 17th. Captain Andy and Nancy Kupp will be hosting this picnic. It will probably a picnic on the deck as the park shelter will be taking a while yet. There will be a picnic in July, August and September, so, keep an eye on the towline, bulletin board and WEB site for more upcoming events.

    Please remember this summer, please only take two bags of ice from the chest freezer and replace the two with at least three. I sure appreciate it when there is ice in the freezer.

    Watch out this summer for the youth sailing classes going on throughout the summer. There will be numerous children around the club and we would really like to make a good impression on these potential future members.

    Thank you all for your support this past year and for years to come.

    RC Leo Longenecker

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Posted: 11 June 2009 (gk)
BYC WebTeam