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18 June 2009

    Leo Longenecker
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    Hopefully everyone is having a good summer so far. I'm glad the weather has finally warmed up. As I write this, the first picnic in the park is two days away still, but, I'm sure Andy and Nancy Kupp will be putting on a wonderful time. It looks like it's going to be a really good turn out by the number of people signed up. The picnic shelter is far enough along we may actually have the picnic in the park. I can't wait for the "grand opening" of the picnic shelter. More to follow, but, it should be at one of the picnics this summer. Keep an eye on the web site and bulletin board. Looking ahead, the July picnic in the park is scheduled for July 15th, which Mike and Cathy Thomas are preparing for. See the flyer. I'm sure looking forward for that one. Then August 19th and Sept. 9th picnics will follow, hopefully not too soon as that means the end of summer :-(

    Couple of business notes. There are lots of people around the club and docks during the summer. Please challenge strangers to make sure they are supposed to be on the docks. Maybe you'll meet new members or someone who's working on a boat that could help you with yours, you never know. The intent is to keep our marina secure. The last couple of summers, there have been thefts from our boats. It is up to all of us for security.

    Please always remember, if you take 1 bag of ice, replace it with 2. If you are going on an extended trip on your boat, please don't park in the north parking lot. There's plenty of room elsewhere and it makes it nicer for the rest of your friends. Remember, the Salmon bake is in September, so, please don't park between the club house and railway if your are going to be gone after Labor Day.

    RC Leo Longenecker

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Posted: 18 June 2009 (gk)
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