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    Mike Dunn
    Past Ex-Commodore

    Commodore's Farewell Address: 15 May, 2009

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    This installation process represents the culmination of my three-years journey through the Chairs. To be sure, there have been times when events seemed to be overwhelming, and I thought that perhaps I had been too hasty in agreeing to serve. Fortunately, such thoughts would usually vanish soon after each crisis was resolved. Overall, the daily interaction with so many helpful Members of BYC, especially after occasional note comparisons with other fellow Officers of the Grand XIV Yacht Clubs, is a positive experience. The combined process makes one realize that we each encounter, and eventually overcome, similar types of problems.

    My particular journey began under the "traditional" Yacht Club organizational structure, in which the Bridge Officers had full responsibility for specific Operational Functions within the Club, plus all of the Social Functions. The journey ends following BYC's 1st year under the "2008 Re-Organization". This new organization meant that the 1st and 2nd Year Chairmen of the Executive Committee became responsible for the Club's Operational Business Functions, and the Bridge Officers were freed to concentrate on the Social Functions. Having been the first BYC Commodore to serve under both types of organizations, I have developed a great deal of admiration for the foresight and the well thought out work of those hard working members of the "Re-Organization Committee". While not everyone agrees with the new structure, I firmly believe that the Executive Committee's demonstrated efficiency and smoothness in running the Business Operations, combined with the new Bridge Officer's additions to the planned Social functions in the coming years will further prove the wisdom of the recent change in BYC's organizational structure.

    The one function not changed by the re-organization is that the Commodore remains the "Leader of the Squadron", and supervises all elected Officers. As such, I want to personally thank the Secretary, the Treasurer, the three Chairmen, and each Member of the 2008-2009 Executive Committee for their dedication and hard work during this difficult transition year. I am also very grateful to this year's Flag Officers, and the many Standing Committee Chairsfor their outstanding support and service this past year.

    In summary, I can tell you, with complete honesty, that this journey has actually been a pleasure. Abbie and I have totally enjoyed serving our Yacht Club and this Membership, and we will continue to do so in the future.

    I remain "Your Humble Servant", who gratefully bids you Farewell for now.

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Posted: 17 May 2009 (gk)
BYC WebTeam