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17 February 2009

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    Mike Dunn

    Photo of Commodore

    2009’s 75th Annual running of the “Heavy Weather Log Race”, and the Weekend Festivities, are now history. Once again Bremerton Yacht Club’s reputation for having the “World’s Largest Predicted Log Race”, and for being the “Premier Host” to visiting Log Racers, Yacht owners and their guests, was firmly upheld. My profound thanks to all the many dedicated BYC Members who devoted their weekend, their labors, and their talents to ensure that each and every visitor to the Club was safely and comfortably accommodated, fed, regaled, and entertained. Fleet Captain Mike Petrowske provided his yacht, “It’ll Do”, to feed and warm the Round-the-Clock Fire Safety Watch. Mike also kept busy coordinating with Captain Rich Hunt’s Boat Handling Committee, to arrange moorage for some 19 visiting boats. Despite the fact that the HW event conflicted with numerous Valentines Day Dances, Dinners, or Cruise-Ins at many of the Yacht Clubs, we averaged about 125 -130 meals both evenings, and almost as many for the Sunday Breakfast. Please take the opportunity to express a “Huge Well Done” to those who agreed to take on one of the Key Roles for the weekend, whenever you greet one of them.

    Members and visitors alike were greeted on Friday evening with a beautiful Mississippi Riverboat, firmly moored to the Clubhouse Stage, with the entire Clubhouse replicating the interior of a Riverboat. This delightful transformation of the Ballroom was courtesy of the talented Captain Alice Nelson and her amazingly creative “Decorating Committee”. The evening was rounded out by a “Social”, featuring a Salad and Potato Bar (loads of toppings, even including Chili), a Beer Keg, and Wine. The dinner was followed by a typical, and well attended, Riverboat “Casino Gaming Session”. The evening’s meal, and the Hosting of the entertainment was jointly Chaired by BYC’s Stewards, Captains Mona-Lisa Ryan, Bev Bruins, Maralee Ormiston, and their Committee.

    If you have never been ‘behind the scenes’ when a Log Race is conducted, you are in for a real Eye Opener when you see what it takes to put this event on. Laying Out the course, permitting, advertising, registering, scheduling, and coordinating the 35 boat Log Race was a monumental task, ably co-chaired by long time Log Racers, PCs Mike Henry, and Leo Longenecker, Captains Chuck Silvernail, and Rob Bruins. Bremerton Yacht Club also owes our collective “Thank You” to the many folks, both within and outside the boating community, who step forward every year and volunteer as Heavy Weather Race Observers. Another “Well Done” is owed to Captain Linda Ritter and Committee for tracking, organizing, and assigning Observers to each Race Boat, as well as to Captain Rob Bruins for his many years of conducting the Observer Training Sessions. Finding your way around the Race Course is only the first step for Racers. Then comes the tricky tasks of properly completing the Race Log, nervously watching the as the “Log Babes”, Captains Cathy Thomas, Maralee Ormiston, and Denise Rosendale, carefully scrutinize the Log entries. The Lucky Ones were relieved to have theirs accepted, much to the envy of others who are being sent back to their calculators to try again. Once the Logs are accepted, they are then forwarded to Captains Jerry and Heidi Althauser who apply some complex IPBA mathematical formulas based on each boat’s Race speed “classification” to determine a “handicap”. Only then can the Official Completion Time be determined, and the “Place” results be Posted. Wow, what a job they all do!

    Meanwhile, back at the Barn (Clubhouse), Captains Kevin and Lori McStay had no time to relax. They, and their meal committee, must prepare and serve a Fried Chicken dinner, then clear the tables. Kevin then had to prepare for his roles as the “Master of Ceremonies” for the Saturday Evening Entertainment and Skit performances to the Theme of “Showboat”, and also as a member of the Spenders Dance Band.
    Hopefully, you did not miss Kevin McStay’s superb rendition of “Mark Twain” in his MC role. Our Club’s ever-talented dance group, the “Dockettes”, opened the festivities, and were followed by BYC’s Skit Chairman, “House Madam” Mona-Lisa Ryan, and her bodacious, daring and delightful bevy of “Casino Ladies” who were alternately entertaining, and seriously distracting, some casino gamblers at their card table. Between Skits performer (but later upgraded to Skit Contestant), PC Charlie Billings, entertained one and all with songs accompanied by his “tiple” instrument. Tacoma Yacht Club finished up with a Skit about some Mississippi “Mountain Folk” marrying back and forth within their own family until one man became his own Grandfather. The “Right Honorable Judges”, none of whom were from BYC or TYC, ruled that PC Billings won 3rd Place, Madam Mona-Lisa and “Ladies” won 2nd place, and Tacoma’s “Mountain Folk” won 1st Place Honors. It is worthy of note, that it has been a very long 19 years since TYC has won the coveted “Rubber Clam Shovel”. Congratulations to Tacoma Yacht Club! Afterwards, the Spenders Dance Band kept folks entertained, and dancing, until the wee hour of 2330.

    Sunday dawned bright and frosty, and with some slipping and sliding, folks drifted in for a wonderful breakfast served up by a committee under the direction of Captains Leslie and Rich Hunt, and a team of industrious Skipperettes who made sure each table lacked for nothing, and was promptly bussed as needed. Promptly at 1030, PC Mike Henry, who was selected by the Gods of Wind and Current to announce the Race results, conduct the allocation of 2009 HW Race Wine Bottles (including the “Gone Cruising” prize), and to present the many trophies earned by skill, luck, or both, to the winners. (Please see the detailed Race Results posted in the Towline and on the Web.) On behalf of BYC, the IPBA, and all the Heavy Weather Racers, “Thank You” PC Henry, PC Longenecker, Captain Silvernail, and Captain Bruins for a very successful 75th Running of the event.

    Let’s all turn out to Bid a “Happy Retirement” to Pat Alexander as he ends his long career at Harrison Hospital’s Pharmacy. He and Leslie will be leaving for a world Cruise this spring, and he would love the chance to bid you farewell. Also, I hope to see many of you at the March 2nd Dinner and Business Meeting, and at the March 13th- 15th Saint Patrick’s Day Cruise-In to Poulsbo. Moorage and the floating shed have been reserved.

    As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn, Commodore

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Posted: 17 February 2009 (gk)
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