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18 May 2009

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    Don Park

    Photo of Commodore

    A big THANK YOU to Chair Jo Carr and her committee for preparing all that was needed for Installation of Officers..

    A special thanks to P/C Floyd for being Master of Ceremonies and P/C Perryman for being Master at Arms for the Installation.

    I would like to also thank Doug and Pam Smith for this decorated stage that was left over from the WIC luncheon a very nice added touch.

    I like the way the club is going; if you have been reading any of the Towline (or Web [ed.]) articles you will read that both the V/C and myself have been asking the members to get more involved with their club; .. and the new calendar this year is more aggressive: we kept the dinner and speaker meetings along with more Friday night socials, cruises to various ports we have not been to or have not been in a long time.

    There have been some extra races for those of you who would like to join in on Log and or Sail racing -- sort of learn before Heavy Weather. We need to get the members back that pledged that they would support this club: I would like to see this club more than a moorage club or a work party club / haul-out meeting club. The Bridge officers have come up with great ideas to help this work.

    There are still some large items to take care of that have been budgeted, and new Bylaws voted in, that will keep the club in line with environmental issues, bring in the younger boating families or allow us to have more activities outside.

    This year's Heavy Weather will be "A Sock Hop" so I need for you ladies to pull out the saddle shoes and poodle skirts, lettermen sweaters and men to get out the penny louvers and white socks, leather jackets and not to forget the Hairdo. I am currently in need of a Chair that can run with this idea and really make it work.

    Now that we start a new year of boating and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest some of you will, fuel, pack every available space and leave for the summer of cruising , Others will go on club cruises, weekend trips to Blake Island or just a relaxing afternoon some where in the Puget Sound. I wish you all Fair winds and smooth Sailing.

    As your newly elected Commodore I again would ask each and every member to seize an opportunity to help out around your Yacht club. There are various committees that could use help and expertise, so please get involved and step up and be an active member.


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Posted: 18 May 2009 (gk)
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