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10 June 2009

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    Don Park

    Photo of Commodore

    A huge thanks to Gerri Bachman as the new Membership Chair for this year; she had not been in this position a full day when I gave her a family to be considered for membership. So if you know of anyone interested please give the information to the Chairperson. She can be reached at bachman11(at)comcast(dot)net or 360 692 5004.

    As last year, I would like to keep the dinner meeting on the calendar, as the response was favorable. To keep the dinner meeting intact, I need members to volunteer to be a Chairperson to prepare a meal; also, if you have an idea for a topic please let me know.

    To keep up with what is happening or what you missed -- for any event or areas of interest -- please see the website for updated dates and material. Each Chair has his/her own Web page and has the opportunity to keep you, as a member, well informed.

    Since I own the Calendar (a Commodore thing) I will ask you to please note a change: for October 9th -11th, a new cruise was just added, yes, right in our own backyard, 'Brats & Beer' in Silverdale... More to come on this... In November is the Bell Harbor Cruise; the new dates will be the 13th thru 15th. More news as we get closer to the date from your Fleet Captain. Also added was a Picnic for the Kids who grew up around the Yacht Club, during the 40's and up, on the 15th of August. Norm Smith is Chairing this event which will add to the History and bring up memories of BYC's past. Please check on the Web site and bulletin board at the club for times and menu.

    I do want to thank all those involved with this year's Commodores Ball. P/C Don and Jenny, along with the committee, did an outstanding job!! And now, the wine list is complete with the ingredients of Pirate wine…..

    And now, I would like to brag about my wife: for all the time she was in Japan, yes, there was time off for sight-seeing, but she did work hard at her position. For this she was presented with the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the third-highest honorary award in the Department of the Navy, for service as PSNS & IMF financial operations Branch Head in support of the establishment support for the first USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) availability in Yokosuka, Japan.

    Points to Ponder:
    I found I do better on tests and understand what I am reading since I stopped highlighting with a magic marker.

    Why is it called a Head not Restroom? Head is a maritime word meaning the top or forward part. Forward to the raised section near the bow or forecastle. So when someone said they were going to the Head it meant they were going to the forward part of the boat. The sailor would climb down unto a floored area with grating to relieve themselves. The grating allowed the open sea to keep the area clean. Even with modern flushing toilets the term has been retained largely among the seaman and boaters alike.

    Why Port and Starboard:
    The actual origin of the term "port" is speculated to be because the left side of old merchant sailing ships which had a loading or entry port. The right side had a steering board that hung over the side of the ship (before the invention of rudders) which is where the term starboard comes from. So if the steering board hung over the right side, the boat would need to dock on its left side, or put into port on its left side.

    Thanks for Reading

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Posted: 10 June 2009 (gk)
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