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15 January 2009

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    Mike Dunn

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    A much Happier "Greetings 2009" to all. Now that we have survived both the December and January snowstorms, and are experiencing a return to more normal Puget Sound weather, we can relax and start to enjoy the year. As you read this, the Nation will have completed a big event on January 20th. We will have shown the World how to properly make a smooth and peaceful transition to new National Leadership, when we inaugurated Barack Obama as the new President of the United States.

    In addition to facing a big event for our Nation, we in BYC are soon to be facing the biggest event for our Club. Yep, Puget Sound's Largest Predicted Log Race, known far and wide as the "Heavy Weather Race", becomes "front and center" February 13th- 15th. This is an "All Hands" event, with many of us directly involved in hosting dozens of boaters from all over Puget Sound as we put together the "Big" weekend featuring the "Showboat" theme. There are many opportunities for nearly everyone. If you have any type of entertainment abilities, this is your big chance to perform on-stage with a big audience, so please contact Master of Ceremonies Kevin McStay. Don't let stage fright hold you back, as we have more opportunities for you that range from docking boats, Fire Watch, 3 meal committees, becoming and/or recruiting Race Observers, helping the Set-up crew, and assisting Decorations Chair Alice Nelson convert the ballroom into a replica Mississippi River Boat. Also, IPBA and Race Chairman, PC Mike Henry, would be happy to help any of you prepare for Log Racing, now or in the future. Please check the Web Site, or see the posted list of HW Committee Chairs to offer your services. In addition, help from everyone with moorage at the Club is critical. The Club Cover gets blocked in during the Weekend, as well as the boat sheds closest to Poverty Row on "B" string and the North side of "C" string. If you need your boat available over that weekend, please contact Float Chairman Dana Cutting to trade for moorage that will be open. Even more vital, if your slip or shed will be available during HW, please let the Float Chairman know so we can better accommodate some visitors. A big "Thank You" to all Club Members, in advance, for helping to once again make this HW Event the premier weekend of the year.

    A quick reminder to anyone involved with decoration of the Assembly Hall. Captain Rob Bruins just spent 2 hours removing some very unsightly staples and pieces of material from the ceiling that were "leftovers" from numerous events throughout the years. Captain Jerry Althauser, the Executive Committee First Year Chair, was tasked with developing a new "Inspection Process" following each use of the Club involving decorations. So here is a "Word to the Wise" for future decorations of the clubhouse.

    Effective Immediately, Clubhouse Rental Deposits will not be approved for refund until an "inspection" determines that the facilities are properly cleaned and all staples are fully removed. The Committee Chair for Club Functions must also insure that the facilities pass the same inspection process. The penalty process for failure to pass Club function inspection is under development.

    Even though both the VC and the RC are out of town, there are other activities we should focus on besides HW. Each Member is required to complete 16 Hours of Work Party Time before May 31st, and this is a reminder to get your time completed. The remaining scheduled Work Party opportunities are limited to 8 February and 16 - 17 May. There are a couple of major projects scheduled this year, so many of you with any construction talents will have the opportunity to utilize your skills during building of the new Park Pavilion, the Railcar rebuild, and the Portable Work Float enhancement projects.

    I look forward to seeing many of you on the Docks this month.

    As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn - Commodore

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Posted: 15 January 2009 (gk)
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