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14 September 2008

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    Don Park
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Hello from Yokosuka Japan,

    The naval base is about an 8 minute walk from where I live but another 45 minute walk to the building I work at. So I went to the bike rental shop on base rented a 21 speed mountain bike, I use the bike for going to work, getting around town and sight seeing spots close by. For longer distances the train station is close and runs exactly on time. The weather has been changing since I arrived; the mornings seem to be somewhat cooler around 70 in the early morning by 9:00 it’s in the high 80’s with humidity that gives you that muggy feeling and time for a shower. The food here is to say different, to order fish and still have it look at you is a little too much for me, squid and octopus is readily available in the markets and food store. McDonald’s and Starbucks are always close by.

    I ventured out by train to visit the Hayama Yacht club which in the city of Zushi. When I arrived there the club was empty, the reason I later found out is they were out racing, seems every 1st and 3rd Sunday the club has a sail boat race after the race gifts for the winners and yes food and drink. I met up with the Commodore which they call the President and through an interpreter I was able to let him know who I was and the Club I represented. I was asked to speak and give the toast before the festivities began. What I thought was amusing after all the prizes were given out there was one envelope left on the table. For the last prize $100.00 (10,000 yen), a all hands Rock, paper, scissors contest was to take place I was asked to join in and made it to the second round, at the end scissors won the prize.

    My position over here has requires me to have a drivers license, so I went to a all day class on driving in Japan, the instructor mentioned that we have the cleanest windshields in Japan, reason the wiper is on the left turn signals on the right, oh and speaking of Left which is the side of the road I am driving on there is no right of way, you have to think left of way here.

    Now back on the home front at good ole BYC fast approaching is the Famous JO Ball while I have been away a committee of diligent members have been planning and getting ready for this gala event. Please mark your calendars, find your favorite Hollywood costume and walk the red carpet for a “Night at the Oscars”.

    Points to Ponder: The Red Carpet originated with the railroad. Conductors commonly rolled out the red carpet to direct passengers to the correct location on the train.

    The Red Carpet is associated with the Oscars more than any other event, Millions of viewers tune in to watch the people walk the red carpet in there gorgeous outfits.

    Clytaemnestra tries to convince Agamemnon to walk across the red carpet, insisting that he deserves special recognition for his accomplishments. However, he is afraid to offend the gods, insisting that the gods have given victory. But Clytemnestra continues to pressure him.. Agamemnon gives in walks the red carpet and she murders him..

    Thanks for reading

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Posted: 14 September 2008 (gk)
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