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17 October 2008

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    Don Park
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Hello from Japan,

    A very special (arigato)thank you to Leo Longenecker for chairing this years J.O.Ball and for Stacy to make sure all ran smooth. I would also like to thank all those who were behind the scenes Those parking cars for valet parking, working in the Kitchen ,Bartending , seating guests and serving the food. This J.O Ball brought out some of the biggest stars that appear on the screen or on stage. Such were Dolly Parton, Kenny Rodgers, Homer Simpson, Bogart and Becall. I seen Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming seated with Hugh Hefner and his girlfriend Dolly. There was a charter actor as well as famous film director along with the paparazzi. As Kevin McStay greeted each star as they walked the carpet all was caught on live TV as it happened.Thanks again to Silva who took pictures of the couples and Leslie Hunt keeping the line moving and getting the best possible angle for that perfect shot. With Homer Simpson and the Punk Rockers taking home prizes The Oscar herself showed up to accept her own bottle of Champagne.

    I ask all members to keep checking the BYC website for all upcoming activities and meetings, the site is up to date with 3 months time frames to give all plenty of time to get ready for a particular event.

    Please do not miss the chance to meet and get to know the New members of the Club. On November 7th Join Mona Lisa Ryan and her committee as they prepare a grand time for New Members Night. Check the flyer posted at the club house or on line.

    Points to Ponder:

    Barbie's measurements if she were life-size: 5 feet 9 inches tall, 33-18-31 1/2

    Five thousandths of a millimeter is the tolerance of accuracy at the LEGO mold factories.

    The first TONKA truck was made in 1947.

    Hershey's has the capacity to wrap up to 1,300 Hershey's Kisses every minute.

    A single chocolate chip gives enough energy to a human being to walk 150 feet.

    In an average lifetime, a person will spend 4 years traveling in an automobile and six months waiting at a red light.

    Thanks for Reading

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Posted: 17 October 2008 (gk)
BYC WebTeam