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16 April 2008

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    Mike Dunn
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Greetings and Congratulations to the Members of a Re-organized Bremerton Yacht Club. On March 17th, a majority of the Members present at the General Meeting voted to change the Governmental structure of BYC by adopting an expanded Executive Committee. The Executive Committee changes from Six Elected Members, the Treasurer, and the Immediate Past Commodore to Nine Elected Members, the Treasurer, plus the Commodore. Other Executive Committee changes are that the Meetings are to be chaired by the 3rd year Committee Chair, and the Commodore becomes a Voting Member replacing the Immediate Past Commodore. The Committee shall now be charged with the responsibility for ALL of the Business Functions of the Club, instead of handling only the financial business. Many of the By-Laws and Regulations have been revised and re-printed to reflect the changes. The most changed By-Laws are Article IX - Duties of Officers and Article XI-Executive Committee. Article IX, Section 1 now reads (all changes are underlined) "The Commodore will command the squadron, oversee all elective offices, preside at all regular business meetings of the Club, as well as serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee." There are dozens of other changes. Please read and become familiar with your revised By-Laws and Regulations, as many of the committee chairmen will report differently after June 1st.

    Nominations for the Bridge Officers, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Executive Committee Members are underway, with voting to take place at the General Meeting on May 7th. Please give your full support and assistance to all of them as they seek to appoint new Chairmen and endeavor to adapt to the new Club Structure. Your help will be much appreciated.

    Preparations for the Daffodil Regatta, followed by the Opening Day events and festivities are in full swing.

    June 2nd will be the final General Meeting until September, so mark your calendars for a special evening. We will be served one of Jytte Wheeler's fantastic dinners, followed by an outstanding presentation by a Passage Maker Magazine contributor and author, Jennifer Hamilton. Jennifer will be sharing some of the delightful insights from her new book, "Cruising the Secret Coast". This is a real treat for all of us. We will also be introducing the new Executive Committee, so get your name on the sign-up sheet and don't miss out.

    Even though the temperatures are not yet what spring weather should be, Opening Day does mean that boating season is starting. Shake the cob webs off your boat, and head to QCYC for Opening Day festivities. Lets all look forward to having a safe and enjoyable summer.

    As always, I remain your humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn, Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 April2008 (gk)
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