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16 June 2008

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    Don Park
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Some 23 Yachts from the Bremerton Yacht club were treated to a wonderful time as were a good many other boaters (approx 300) who signed up for the opening weekend at the Bremerton Marina. Difficulties for some arriving into the marina as well as leaving, but sprits were good and fun had by all. Boaters were treated by Anthony's to Salmon, BBQ ribs, Oysters, as finger foods passed around by waiters on platters and cake for dessert. The Marina put on a Hotdog feed as well with West Marine showing all the new gadgets on the Public Pier. I would like to thank those who had the blue balloon on their boat and helped all boaters on their pier, with their registering of visitors and getting the welcome packets to them. You can read the reports of opening day from the Bremerton Sun on the BYC web page.

    The Big Brothers cruise will be held at Queen City Outstation (Eagle Harbor) the weekend of June 27. Fuel prices are keeping Big Brother closer to home.

    Points to Ponder :
    Ebb tide : The receding or outgoing tide; the period between high water and the succeeding low water.

    * tides create an area of rocky shore where specialized organisms have evolved. Tides thus increase the biodiversity of the coast (limpets, barnacles, oysters, etc.)
    * tides create large areas for specialized organisms within harbors and embayment (sand and mud flats, mangroves, etc.). such areas may act as nurseries for various marine species.
    * tides create currents that mix the water so that surface plankton is spread and bottom nutrients re-surface. This makes plankton available throughout the year.
    * tides create currents that transport plankton to sessile filter feeders such as clams, sponges, sea squirts, etc. It creates very rich habitats where currents pass.
    * tides create currents that transport and mix coastal sediments. Without them, the coast would be more sensitive to sewage disposal and runoff from the land. It would support fewer people.

    Thanks for Reading
    V/C Donald A. Park

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Posted: 16 June 2008 (gk)
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