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10 November 2008

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    Don Park
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Doomo (Hello)

    This my last article from Japan, I will returning home on November 20th and my plans are not to come back any time soon. As far as when I retire Donna and I can check Japan off as been there done that. Yes Japan is an interesting place, Mt. Fuji, The Big Buddha, Temples and in between sightseeing Donna always found time for shopping.

    While we were both here in October, on the 3rd Sunday we ventured to Zutchi by train to be ambassadors for the Yacht club. This would be Donna's first time at the Marina in Hayama, she took lots of pictures of how the sail boats were lifted out of the water in a specific order then put on a dolly and put into their space. After the race was over and all the sail boats were cleaned the Captain and his crew arrive at
    the club house for food and nomu (drink). Before the prizes were handed out, I presented to the Commodore of Hayama (Marina Yacht Club, ed.), a BYC ball cap and a Log Racing Sweatshirt and to the Club a BYC Burgee, in return I accepted a Burgee from their club. After the toast and some food Donna and I left the club to what else ! Shopping ...shirts and sweatshirts to buy along with the trinkets you really do not need but buy anyway.

    Wondering were to spend New Years Eve? Well wonder no more.. make your plans and get your reservations in early for the "BYC New Years Party"

    I would like to THANK all the members that have stepped up and helped while I have been away. A Special thanks to The R/C for taking over my duties and to all the members for being understanding of my absence

    Points to Ponder: Note to reader answers will be given at the next General meeting>>

    What gets higher as it falls?
    What happened to the man who invented the silent alarm clock?
    What work can a Sculptor never finish?
    Why did the Commadore wear pants with 3 large holes
    If the Vice President were killed who would be President

    Thanks for Reading

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Posted: 10 November 2008 (gk)
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