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17 March 2008

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    Mike Dunn
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Abbie and I just returned from a two week vacation to rest up following all of the Heavy Weather Activities, and we enjoyed 14 days of sunshine. We had hoped that there might be some remote possibility that Spring was close enough so there would be no more cold weather and rain upon our return. As all of you here in the Great Northwest know, that possibility was extremely remote. Rain and cold is still the order of the month.

    However, our Illustrious Fleet Captain invoked the "Luck of the Irish" and conjured up a couple of No-Rain Days (disregard Friday night) during the Cruise-In to the Poulsbo Marina for St. Patrick's Weekend. Saturday morning dawned with FC providing "Eye-Openers" on the dock and enough sunshine that one of our PCs broke out his trusty electric grill and Whipped up a few dozen super-good "Miller McMuffins" for everyone who did not sleep past 1030. Thereupon, Mrs. Fleet Captain, with a bit of imagination, the able assistance of a hard working Committee, and a few very Green Leprechauns went to work. Mrs. FC sent most of the Cruise-In participants out for the afternoon to scour the waterfront businesses in a "Scavenger Hunt" for 36 of the elusive little Leprechauns. A few hours later, the irresistible smell of traditional "corned Beef n'cabbage" in the dockside Clubhouse drew the scavenger hunters, and the rest of the gang, in for a wonderful dinner and prizes for the winners. It also proved just how elusive Leprechauns can be, since only about a dozen of the 36 little critters were caught in that massive scavenger hunt. The Fun filled 1st Cruise-In of 2008 ended on Sunday, just ahead of some more of the March rain. If you missed it, you missed a good one.

    Looking ahead at upcoming BYC April activities, we will begin April with the first nominations for Elected Officers during the April 7th General Meeting, followed by the Executive Committee Meeting on April 14th. Next is the Annual Daffodil Parade at the Tacoma Yacht Club during the weekend of April 18 - 20. PC Perryman has offered his boat for the BYC Float Entry, and everyone with construction and artistic talent will be welcomed with open arms to help with production of the Float. Also, Captain Brett has offered his boat to be the "Officer Flag Vessel", and your help with "Spit Shinning" his boat will be much appreciated. The day after the Daffodil Weekend (April 21st), we will have the second, and last, nominations before the Elections at the May 5th General Meeting. Once again, I remind everyone that THIS IS YOUR CLUB, AND YOUR NOMINATIONS AND VOTES SET THE FUTURE COURSE. PLEASE BE THERE!

    As this issue of the Towline goes to press, the March 17th General Meeting will be history. Hopefully, there will have been a large turnout for the Meeting to discuss and VOTE on the proposed reorganization of the Bremerton Yacht Club. This proposal creates a Major Change for the Club, and deserves your opinion, your thoughtful consideration, and your VOTE. If you did NOT attend, and therefore did NOT vote, then you gave up right to have a VOICE in the organization of BYC. See you there, I hope.

    As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn, Vice Commodore

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Posted: 17 March 2008 (gk)
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