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14 August 2008

    John Rosendale
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    I would like to thank Dana and Toni Cutting and their entire committee for one of the best Picnic-in-the-Parks we've ever had! It was complete with complimentary music provided by our own Kevin McStay's band, "The Spenders." What an evening! Cheese Burgers in Paradise, live music, fun, camaraderie, and a chance to meet old and new friends.

    The second weekend in August, the BYC was host to the Grand Fourteen Officer's Cruise-in. This was my first chance to meet my R/C counterparts, now know as the "Sassy Salmon." We had nearly 30 boats and 75 officers. It was an awesome experience! I could not have adequately prepared for this event if it weren't for the help of several people who gave abundantly of their time and advice. Special thanks to P/C Charlie and Sharon Billings, Dana Cutting, P/C Mark Miller, Joe Carr, and Arlene Gorski. You folks helped to make this event a great success!

    As many of you may know, our Vice Commodore Don Parks as been called to work in Japan for a couple of months. According to article IX, section 3 of our by-laws, I will, and look forward to assuming his duties.

    That being said, Denise and I are working with Donna Park to prepare for the greatest ever, upcoming Junior Officer's Ball. And what better way than to have the greatest ever, 3rd Year E-Committee Chair, the Grand Poo Pah himself, Leo and Stacy Longenecker chair this event for us! The theme is "A night at the Oscars." And you can come as your favorite movie star. More to follow…

    A membership in this club is much like being the member of a family, and as in families, at times we find ourselves sharing "opinions". If these opinions are meant to help, support, or to edify, then we can count ourselves amongst those that have the best interest of the club at heart. If however, our opinions are meant to judge or otherwise belittle, it would be best for the club and us, to hold back. Let's try to keep the energy level in the club at a high, providing a good environment for all to enjoy, and to have fun!

    By the way, if you feel you are the subject of another's judgments or someone who has a difference of opinion as to what is "appropriate" or "how you should behave," you might just ignore it. After all, what other people think of you is not about you; it's really about them. And feel free to return any criticisms with a kind response. Your kind reaction will likely be a lesson to them, and can only help the club as a whole.

    Do your share plus a little,
    John Rosendale, R/C

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Posted: 14 August 2008 (gk)
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